Are you highly sensitive? Don’t shy away from it, embrace it! 16 June

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As many as 15-20% of the population can be categorised as ‘highly sensitive people’ . Lis Horwich’s one-day workshop helps you to explore what it means to be highly sensitive, how to see these qualities as a positive rather than a negative and ways you can embrace your sensitivity and thrive

Have you or your child ever had some or all of these labels applied to you by a relative, teacher, work colleague or friend?

  • Shy
  • Fussy
  • Cry baby or spoil sport
  • Unable to cope with or process lots of information at once
  • Scaredy cat
  • Too sensitive for your own good

If so, then you may well be a highly sensitive person (HSP). The qualities of an HSP were defined in 1922 by the pioneering psychotherapist Elaine Aaron. ‘Being highly sensitive basically feels like being born with your nerve endings on the outside of your skin,’ says one sufferer. ‘It’s as if the nerves touch people around you, taking in their information from emotions and physical pain.’

It can be very tiring being around other people, especially as is often the case the HPS is sensitive to smell, light and/or sound. HSPs have a very rich inner life and take everything to heart in a profound way. They easily get over-stimulated and have no idea why suddenly they just need to be alone when they’ve been having a wonderful time with other people.

Having time on their own is as essential to an introverted HSP as food and water – a concept difficult for others to understand. And being introvert isn’t necessarily an attribute of high sensitivity, as 30% of HSPs are actually extroverts.

Their sensitivity also often means they are intuitive, sensitive to people’s moods or the atmosphere in the room. But imagine the confusion for an HSP when someone says one thing (like ‘I’m fine’), putting on a mask or brave face, when actually they’re feeling totally the opposite underneath.


Highly sensitive people workshop

In Lis’s workshop you will:

  • discover what exactly it means to be highly sensitive
  • get to know and go deeper into your personal style of sensitivity
  • do tapping (EFT) on negative issues surrounding your character
  • discuss how it affected your childhood
  • clear deeper emotions from your childhood through Life Retuning
  • explore how to take care of your sensitive self
  • embrace the positive qualities and gifts of being an HSP

Lis will share her own experience of being a highly sensitive person, whose husband and children are also HSPs. Evidence shows, she says, that there is an astrological link here, with people born in the rising moon constellations more likely to be HSP. She is adamant that schools would benefit from knowledge and understanding of HSPs, so often confused with ADHD and Asperger’s.

She wants to encourage society to treasure sensitive people for their many positive qualities:

  • They love deeply and think deeply about life
  • They are loyal, honest and true
  • The simple things sometimes mean the most to them

They don’t need to change and harden, she believes – their purity makes them who they are. Take the work environment, for example. So often HSPs are brilliant team players, able to analyse situations and figure out everyone’s strengths and talents, enabling them to work better. They can identify the pros and cons when it come to decision making, and they may make skilful negotiators, empathising with colleagues and retaining an open mind when problem solving.

These are just some of the skills that you could, as an HSP, learn to explore and embrace on Lis’s interesting workshop.


Date: Saturday 16 June

Time: 10am-4pm with a lunch break 1-2pm (please bring your own lunch or you can buy a bite from one of the many cafés on Lymington High Street)

Coffee and snacks will be provided throughout the day

Please bring paper and a pen

Cost: £70, payable in advance

To book, go to

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