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2019-11-03 10:00
The Natural Health Hub - 87b High St, Lymington SO41 9AN, UK
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In a rut? Frustrated with life, or unfulfilled? Not achieving what you’d like? This Sunday workshop is your opportunity to take stock and move forward – end the year on a high! We’re thrilled to have transpersonal mindset coach Betty Hemingway (@TheMindsetArchitect) facilitating this workshop, bringing her own special blend of creativity and transpersonal coaching to allow you to gain insight, challenge yourself, explore how you feel – and shed all that stagnation to move forwards

A boat in the harbour is safe but it
is not built to remain there

The purpose of the workshop?  To be on a journey, to explore unchartered territory, to experience the new, to face calm and stormy waters knowing it is built to succeed. As individuals we are a powerhouse of possibility but if we don’t travel outside our own comfort zone we will continue to tread water and stagnate… it’s time to change that – let’s do this!

This workshop is designed to encourage the creative side of your brain to encourage self-connection and personal discovery, suspending assumptions that hold you back from personal breakthrough. On this voyage of personal discovery you will:

  • Learn how you are experiencing your stagnation as a physical representation, exploring your discomfort and frustration, to create a shift through real self-understanding.
  • Discover what you need to let go of around fear and negative beliefs to see your results soar
  • Acknowledge your ability to work from stagnation to movement, recognising the gift you have to unlock your own ‘locked door’
  • Decrease the hold of stagnation and drive productivity to achieve your goals!
  • Leave feeling good about yourself, proud of what you have connected with – with tools to apply this to other parts of your life.

You will finish the workshop with a new pair of metaphorical learning lenses and an understanding of how you can apply your breakthrough to other stagnation areas in your life, allowing you to move forward with more ownership, courage and ‘knowing’. It’s a powerful transpersonal space – so…

Expect a ‘lightbulb moment’!

Date: 3 November, 10am-1pm

Cost: £95

To book: pop in to pay or give us a call and we can take a card payment over the phone

Workshop Part II

There is a second part to this workshop, coming very soon, that will focus on understanding how you do change to allow you to drive success. This is a natural progression after working through stagnation. You know why you have been stagnating, you are encouraged to try new things… and then comes that sentence: ‘I need to make a change’. This next workshop explores your own personal change process through individual psychology and psychodrama coaching.  It shows you where your sticking points are, your Achilles’ heel and the parts of you that don’t want you to change!

Through group interaction we learn from each other, noticing the similarities and the differences to work through the process of change as a collective… powerful stuff!

If you book both parts of this workshop in advance we’re offering a £30 discount: at the special price of £160 

We’re thrilled to have Betty Hemingway – aka The Mindset Architect – joining us for this workshop, which is sure to be a powerful experience for the positive in your life. Betty says of her work, ‘My specialism and passion is helping you to explore with curiosity your internal architecture to improve your performance both personally and professionally. Self-awareness and the ability to access our more resourceful ways of being lead to different behaviours and, therefore, different results.’ 


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  • 2019-11-03 10:00

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