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Ear Clinic Lymington Hampshire


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Ear Clinic Lymington, Hampshire

Microsuction Earwax Removal

First-class, management of excessive earwax


At a pain free price!

The waiting area at Ear Clinic Lymington

Earwax removal by microsuction is now available at a new high-end central Lymington ear clinic.

Earwax removal is no longer guaranteed as an NHS procedure. Many GP surgeries no longer offer this service and it's almost impossible to get a NHS appointment anywhere for earwax removal. Those who suffer from excessive earwax, particularly hearing aid wears, will already know the difficulty in managing excessive earwax.

Private services that have been set up to date, often with little investment in equipment and facilities, can be an expensive alternative. Typical charges are between £60 to £85 for a short 20 minute appointment. One ear is typically charged at £40! Even at the lower rate of £60, this equates to an hourly rate earrnings of £180 up to to £255.

Ear Clinic Lymington First class private treatment with economy value for local people

Enter Ear Clinic, an amazing £85k ENT clinic funded as part of a charitable partnership, previously available only for services personnel. The Partners wish to add capacity and provide sensibly priced earwax removal services for locals in Lymington. Expect to find a very comfortable and well-appointed environment full of the latest equipment able to deliver locals a true private healthcare experience.

Microsuction: earwax removed from both ears for £49

Excessive earwax is removed, typically by microsuction, from both ears for just £49, with an appointment time of 30 minutes as standard.  Ear Clinic is a purpose designed well equipped ground floor clinic at Lymington Business Centre on Cannon Street. It's a few steps away from the centre of Lymington. It's located opposite the entrance to the short-stay car park on Cannon Street or a short walk through the Angel Courtyard from the high street.

Many people try to manage excessive earwax problems themselves before seeking help. Now you can stop spending on oils, self-irrigators and instead take full control of the health of your ears.  See the problem and the outcome, on Ear Clinic’s large integrated screens. See detailed HD images before and after treatment AND know that your ears are clear after treatment.

Consultation by appointment only 

To attend you will need to call and book an appointment in advance. Appointments are available Monday to Friday with early and late appointments for 9-5 workers. 

07 Ear Clinic Lymington Microsuction Wax Removal

Call for your appointment on 01590 610944 between 10 am and 3 pm.  


"Ear Clinic is funded through philanthropy with a passion for ​the great British value of community"

Ear Clinic Lymington See that your ears are clear

"Ear Clinic is a private facility, established in 2015 as part of a charitable partnership, which until July 2018 was not open to the public. 

"Ear Clinic was originally founded to treat retired and serving Civil Servants, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Forces and other members.

"A truly first-class facility with the highest levels of equipment and care. Now the public can benefit from attending this facility and ethical low-profit service model that’s been serving the country since 2009 and raised over £80k in charitable funds.

"Ear Clinic is one of the most advanced and well-funded clinics with an £85k investment. It features a fully specified high-level Entermed, Futurent ENT unit. An ENT pole mounted, LED microscope for microsuction of excessive wax. Irrigation (water) is rarely required. If necessary, we have a computer controlled pre-heated water system for your comfort and, to reduce the risk of vertigo during treatment.

"With two large integrated screens, patients can see both the presenting problem and the outcome after treatment, so they know their ears are clear after treatment."



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