See inside the Ocean Brothers' rowing boat!

See inside the Ocean Brothers' rowing boat.

A 3,000 mile journey unsupported, living in a confined space surrounded by sea.

Ocean brothers boat side view

The Ocean Brothers, Greg Bailey and Jude Massey, will be rowing 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in a boat just 1.59m wide and 6.87m long - to put this into context, that's just 20cm wider than a Laser and the length of two Lymington Scows. Or, in car speak, 4cm narrower than the width of the Fiat 500 and just shy of the length of two Toyota Aygos. 

So not much space!

Greg Bailey Ocean Brother in cabinThe boat has two small cabins, where there is just about room to store necessities and provide a tight space for one to rest whilst the other rows, or to shelter from stormy conditions. There are several other small compartments providing storage under the rowing deck.

The boat is propelled solely by rowing. In a strong sidewind a small daggerboard can be deployed to reduce leeway.

The boat was designed by Rannoch Adventure Ltd, who have designed similar boats for other ocean adventurers. First and foremost, safety is utmost priority with speed and comfort attracting subsequent attention. A key reason for placing the main cabin forward is that it helps the boat self-right faster more effectively. The natural shape of the boat on the waterline lends itself to being wider in the forward section of the hull. As a result, this is where most of the volume exists and by placing a cabin here, it enhances buoyancy to produce a more effective self-righting moment. Moreover, forward placement protects from headwinds with a superior aerodynamic profile as well as providing easier control downwind. A centre plate to aid straight line tracking improves capability even further. 

The brothers will be rowing unsupported. Other than contact via satellite phone to their contacts at base, they'll be completely alone in the Atlantic Ocean for the entire journey - which could take as long as 11 weeks.

Jude Massey Ocean Brother showing boat storageJude and Greg are rowing the Atlantic in aid of the British Skin Foundation and in memory of their late father and step-father, who passed away two years ago after a sixteen year battle with skin cancer. The brothers are hoping to raise in excess of £100,000 for the Foundation, which will fund vital research projects.

Click here to support the Ocean Brothers with a donation to the British Skin Foundation

Over the coming weeks we will bring you an insight into how the brothers are surviving on board. How they will cook, make fresh water, sleep, deal with storms, navigate and much more. 

Find out here how to track and follow the Ocean Brothers on their website tracker, social media and via Lymington.com

Back in November, we created a 360 degree visual See Inside tour of the Ocean Brothers' boat whilst it was parked at Lymington Yacht Haven. Click on the image below to take a look inside the brothers' home for the next couple of months - and imagine it surrounded by nothing by ocean, for as far as they eye can see...



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