Escape Yachting lunch and dinner Solent trips from Lymington 2020

Escape to a half day cruise on the Solent with Escape Yachting

Sail with Lunch or Dinner trips on the Solent out of Lymington  

Evening cruise with Escape YachtingWe can really recommend this trip - been there and done it and it proved a brilliant instant unwind and rather a magical experience in fact including seal sightings.

In the current climate this has simply got everything going for it - easy access at Lymington Yacht Haven and instantly far from all your concerns...

As the icing on the cake there's a special discount for readers. See below for details. You can even escape to far flung destinations and a luxury “Escape" - see also below.

The breeze in the sails with Escape YachtingThe breeze in the sails and your hair, what better tonic for battered bodies and souls!

But, it’s hard to go sailing if you don’t have a boat and the know how, or a friend who does.

Yet the relaxation benefits of even just a few hours spent on the water cannot be exaggerated – it’s a staggeringly great way to remove yourself from the stresses and strains of everyday life!  You simply can’t help it – somehow the sea air and the motion of the boat instantly distract from all that.

On the other hand a skippered cruise is also a very special way to enjoy time with friends or family while somebody else does all the hard work – and perfect for a select group of Hens, Stags or the new trend STENS (joint celebration), too.

From May through the summer: £99 midweek and £119 weekends if you quote “”Evening relaxation on an Escape Yachting cruise with dinner on the Solent

Solent cruises for the 2020 season begin on 1 May, with both a lunch and a dinner cruise every day throughout the summer months. The standard rates are £129 midweek and £149 weekends. However if you quote “” it’s just £99 midweek and £119 weekends – book online here! 

Sail with dinner, review  

Our review of a Solent dinner cruise is from a few years ago but in fact everything is as relevant now as the day it was written because the principles simply don’t change!  So here’s the link to it: Sail with Dinner Review  

Also click here for the Escape Yachting Day-Sail 2020 brochure, and to view availability and book click here 

Book now and don’t forget to quote

Escaping to further afield...

For far flung Escapes into the beautiful warm seas of Croatia or the Caribbean, or a stunning afloat adventure sailing the Canadian coast from Vancouver, visit




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