Focus on C'est la Vie handmade jewellery Lymington New Forest

C'est la Vie indeed, with C'est la Vie handmade nautical jewellery New Forest

Another of Lymington's best kept secrets, for sailors and those who love being on and beside the water 

Cest la vie jewellery Lymington New Forest has lots of well kept secrets and here's another we've recently discovered: C'est la Vie Jewellery, the brainchild of Cathy Ash-Vie who was previously joint owner with husband Andy of Harken UK and now focuses all her time on creating exquisite nautical jewellery designs which she then hand crafts in silver and gold and sells online. You can view the full range and buy online at

The authentically detailed and unique pieces in silver and gold all have a marine theme but also include fresh, deceptively simple designs which will suit land lubbers too.

For example Cathy's silver reef knot earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and rings pick up and reflect the light at different angles and make a powerful yet natural statement at any time of day or evening.

cast FolkboatFor the captains of the seas these pieces are easy to choose gifts for the girls; for the ladies there is plenty on offer for the men in your life including rings and block cufflinks with and without the Harken connection.

We are also marvelling at Cathy's tiny and intricate models of the much loved Folkboat and the J111 yachts.

Every piece is handmade to order from good solid quality sterling silver or 9ct gold.

As Cathy says "I have always been a sailor – from messing about in row boats in Fowey at my grandmother’s house at the age of 8, to graduating into racing dinghies and keel boats in Lymington. The sailing passion fused with work when my husband and I started up Harken UK in 1999. As my urge to be more creative and less cold, wet and bruised became overpowering, I had a Eureka moment when I decided I could create jewellery which reflected the sailing world around me. For the first time, I sat on dry land, while my husband raced a regatta without me, and I became absorbed in the fine detail and accuracy needed to model a silver Int.6 Metre yacht only 2 cm long. 

Cest la vie jewellery cufflink combi blocks That was the start and I now, whenever I have time away from running Harken, I absolutely love sitting at my jewellery bench absorbed in the painstaking labour and joy of producing beautiful charms and knotted chains that are recognised by sailors around the world."

Now read more about Cathy and her beautiful nautically themed creations!  

View and buy online 

You can view the full range of C'est la Vie jewellery and buy online at; also call Cathy Ash-Vie on 07967 093790.



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