J80 Nationals Lymington


J80 Sportsboat National Championships - Lymington this Bank Holiday weekend


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Yacht racing in Christchurch Bay should make great viewing spectacle whether ashore or afloat


Up to 25 of these exciting sportsboats will be racing in Christchurch Bay with up to 4 races scheduled each day of the three day weekend. They should be visible from the clifftop at Milford - or of course if you’re going afloat this weekend you can get closer!


More information about the event, being hosted by Royal Lymington Yacht Club 



About the J/80 Sailing Class


The International J/80 is a fixed keel One-Design sportsboat certified for offshore sailing, normally crewed by 3 to 5 people. As well as its mainsail & headsail, the J/80 has a 65 m2 (700 sq ft) gennaker for downwind sailing, which when the wind rises over 15 knots gets the boat on the plane downwind.

With over 1300 J/80's worldwide, the J/80 is currently one of Europe's and North America's best selling sportsboats and the class is growing fast.


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According to Sailing World Magazine, "The J/80 is easier to handle, less intimidating, safer and better suited for sailing offshore than other modern sport boats tested."


The J/80 was designed by J/Boats' Rod Johnstone, and was designed to be a one-design sportsboat that was both easy to sail and safe, but capable of reaching 20 knots downwind.


The J/80 is the only sportsboat to be certified for Design Category 'B' of the EU Recreational Craft Directive, which means it can withstand waves that are 4 metres (13 ft) high and in winds up to 41 knots. This gives the J/80 a reputation of being a very well built boat for its size, capable of extreme weather conditions.

Due to the J/80 having an asymmetrical spinnaker with a retractable bowsprit, there is little clutter on the deck and in the cockpit, giving the crew more space and fewer tripping hazards on board.


It certainly seems to be a class growing in popularity and appealing to all ages.




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