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Lymington Players - our own local thespians

It’s wonderful to have some drama in our midst – of exactly the right sort. Lymington Players is our very own local am dram society, and one that has a reputation for putting on very high quality productions. As with any local group, things vary but it is rare to see an acting performance that doesn’t cut the mustard and the work put in by the scene builders and painters has produced some really exceptional sets in the past few years since I have been associated with the Players.

Most productions manage at least one nomination in the Daily Echo Curtain Call Awards, the local answer to the Oscars.

One of the Players’ strengths is that they make sure that there is a good variety of performers for each play they put on. It is very easy for a core of actors to monopolise the best parts but this doesn’t happen. There are some very good stalwarts in the acting department, one or two who have performed professionally, but newcomers are always given a chance – I speak from experience here.

Three performances a year

Three performances are put on each year, in November, February and April. Any member is free to suggest a play they would like to direct and then the committee chooses the following year’s programme aiming for a good, varied mix of productions. The Players do have to pay their way so a balance has to be struck between regular comedy favourites alternated with some more challenging and thought provoking pieces.

Performances are in the Malt Hall, a tiny theatre in the Lymington Community Centre. It’s a lovely venue, with a small but perfectly formed stage and raked seating. It is well equipped with good lighting and sound systems.

The Backstage boys – and girls

There are always as many if not more people involved backstage as actors and this gives an opportunity for lots of people to be involved but without performing. There are sets to design, build and paint, the wardrobe department, props to organise, front of house to man, the interval bar to run, and the ever present need to get the word out about the next production and sell the tickets. The Players are part of the Lymington Community Centre and must pay all their expenses, such as the hire of the Malt Hall for rehearsals and performances from ticket sales.

In addition to putting on plays, the Players have an active social calendar with monthly meetings which include play readings, occasional trips to local theatres, quizzes, talks and simply being sociable.

The Lymongton Players’ history

The Players goes back to 1926 when a group of local residents first met to put on a play reading and loved it so much, it turned into performance. In 1965 the Lymington Players moved to the Community Centre when they amalgamated with a group that was already meeting there called the Centre Players.

Details of the Players next production can be found on their website

Sally Kavanagh


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