Lymington Arts Festival 10th-12th July 2014

Lymington Arts Festival 2014


Lymington Arts Festival returns again for the 6th year running and will be held from the 10th to the 12th July 2014! 

“Performance Day,” on Saturday 12th July, is organised by Ian Halliday to give local musicians and dancers the opportunity to perform.  This year over 100 people will provide free entertainment during the day at five venues, details are available in free programmes (available at Lymington Library, Community Centre, St Barbe’s Museum and other festival venues) and on the Festival website: www.lymingtonartsfestival.org.uk/music.htm Ian 01a

Ian has played in several bands and specialised in evolving increasingly sophisticated sound systems, pursuing sound perfection for live-band performances for over 20 years! When he noticed that a Lymington Arts Festival was being proposed for the summer of 2009, he joined the committee and volunteered to organise all the music and performance events.  His sound systems have been used every year since, sometimes at two different venues on the same day.

As the first festival was organised on an extremely small budget, there was no money to hire a stage for the main performance event – so Ian built his own!  This proved a great success and has been used on many occasions since!

O-Hygeine Charity Gig AWThe first two Festival main performance events were held at Grove Gardens, to the south of Lymington High Street.  This was a good location and the events were well attended, however Ian wanted to increase audience numbers and approached the United Reformed Church(URC).  The URC courtyard has been the performance venue since; being right on Lymington High Street, which is the perfect location as it provides a constant stream of passing Saturday market shoppers who stop to watch the entertainment.  The festival programmes always includes performances by local children, Ian has also held several “young band” competitions to encourage the next generation of performers to stand out and shine. 

Ian’s excellent reputation for brilliant sound soon spread around the community and he has provided LT Band URC 23-06-12sound and stage lighting for local events: the New Forest Festival, the Lymington Queens Jubilee event, Spring into Lymington, various charity events  – and for numerous bands: The Dodge Brothers, Owl in the Sun, John Ilsley Band, Riverside Blues Band, Korasong Radio, Atlantico, Farmageddon, The Blue Tides and many more. 

One Knight Only 4-7-0920 years ago Ian converted part of an old farm building into a soundproofed practice and recording studio.  This has been used extensively by his own bands – and his children, who are now seasoned and experienced musicians.  Occasionally they perform together, and with friends, in a 2-generation family band: One Knight Only. 


Ian’s current band, Light Motive, is a trio that play well known contemporary songs to acoustic arrangements.  In addition to performing at the 2014 Lymington Arts Festival (URC, 12 July around 2.15pm), they also perform regularly on Lymington Bandstand  (http://www.lymington.com/events/lymington-events) and occasionally at local pubs.  Light Motive - 02

In addition Ian often plays music on an impromptu basis with other people, you may see him perform at Lymington Acoustic (The Thomas Tripp -1st & 3rd Wednesday evenings) and Lane’s Restaurant (3 till 5pm of 3rd Saturdays) each month.





Abigail Kitcher 

18th June 2014


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