Lymington Flower Festival 2014

Lymington’s Flower Festival at St Thomas’s Church - until 31 August 2014.

Gloriosa Magnificat!    “Glory” / “Magnificence”!  by Fran Perks of Blue Dog Art, for lymington.com


Flower Festival Lymington St thomas Church August 2014 1This flower festival at St Thomas’ Church in Lymington High Street lives up to its name – it is glorious, magnificent and abundant.  Abundant in the magnificent flowers, abundant in the amount of flowers on display, abundant in the variety of floral interpretations, abundant in creative & artistic talent, abundant in vision .... oh well, you get the idea! 


It is magnificent in the interpretation of concepts.  It is a glorious celebration of art, natural beauty and manmade talent.


I was privileged to chat with some of the visitors – some of whom have experience of floral exhibitions in places such as London, Canberra, Cape Town & Durban – and in their opinion this ranks as one of the best.  Not bad for a little seaside town on the south coast of England....?!



Sponsors include (not limited to because I do not have the full sponsor list) Sharon from Angel Courtyard Flowers, (huge – enormous amount of flowers, including very specialised and expensive lilies from other parts of the world), Hampshire County Council, NFDC, and from the business community (names to be supplied), Remote Admin Support and possibly Solent Dental Practice.Flower Festival Lymington St thomas Church August 2014 2



There are many others.  All proceeds from this event go to Oakhaven Hospice Trust and St Thomas Church.



Dignitaries present for the launch were

•             Cllr Elizabeth Lewis, NFDC

•             Cllr Alison Hoare –NFDC  Marchwood

•             Cllr Maureen Holding – NFDC Brockenhurst and Forest South East

•             Cllr Ann Corbridge – Deputy Mayor, Lymington & Pennington Town Council

•             Cllr  Jacquie England– Hampshire County Council

Flower Festival Lymington St thomas Church August 2014 3


Peter Salisbury, Vicar of Lymington St Thomas thanked all of those who had created this festival of flowers, those that had sponsored and supported them and those that were present for the opening. 

There was a buzz in the air – and it wasn’t bees / wasps; the community were thrilled at the display of flowers and the interpretations of themes.

It was truly a magnificent feast of floral art!

FP – Blue Dog Art – 28/08/2014


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