Lymington Community Centre 70 years fundraising campaign

Lymington Community Centre: heart of the community for 70 years, used by 4,000 weekly

£2 million fundraising campaign underway to meet the needs of the next generation and the next 70 years

Proposed new look lymington centre entrance Over the 70 years since it opened in 1948 and supported by a huge number of passionate volunteers Lymington Community Centre has contributed enormously to the local area, offering both recreational and educational facilities to all, always vibrant and busy - it's used and enjoyed by up to 4,000 people every week.

A reception was held recently at the Centre to present plans for its future development as part of the “Celebrating 70” appeal. 

Community Association Chairman Councillor Anna Rostand supported by appeal patrons the Hon Mary Montagu-Scott and the Centre’s popular dance class leader Kayleigh Sergeant, outlined the need and the proposed solutions.

The planned revamp aims to increase income and decrease maintenance costs by renovating some areas and connecting all the separate buildings together, to simplify getting from one area to another and making all the activities on offer more accessible to everybody.

The plan is to keep the Centre open for as much of the time as possible during the renovations and improvements, and to proceed in self-contained phases as funds become available

How will the funds be raised?

Following the  70th anniversary celebrations, fundraising has already raised over £75,000, including over £2,000 from the recent Strictly Lymington dance event.  

The campaign has also had a tremendous boost with a £900,000 grant from Lymington and Pennington Town Council’s windfall fund.  This money is dependent on match-funding which it is hoped will come from a number of sources including grants from national, regional and local Trusts & Foundations, personal philanthropic gifts, and corporate contributions and sponsorship as well as direct fundraising by the Centre.

Can you help?

Anybody able to offer help in any capacity with this challenge is warmly invited to contact the Centre! 

In the first instance contact Centre Manager Rachel who is in the Centre most days and would be happy to have a preliminary chat, totally in confidence.   You can contact Rachel by email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on her mobile which is  07985 055329.

Anybody who would simply like to make a donation can do so by clicking the Just Giving link:  https://www.justgiving.com/lymingtoncommunityassociation

Lymington Community Association - a Charity

Lymington Community Association whcich owns the Community Centre is a Charity, Number 301880.

Read the history of how the Association began and how the Centre came into being and evolved to the current day here. 

Facilities on offer at the Centre

Not everybody will know the full extent of the current facilities at the Community Centre.   

So please read all about what's on offer here!




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