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Bid for fantastic prizes in the Hammersley Homes charity online auction!

Hammersley Homes charity in Lymington - auction closes 16 November

Hammersley Homes online auction - a week at Dar Louisa Taroudant Morocco Bid for some amazing treats at the Hammersley Homes Charity Online Auction before 10.30 pm on 16 November - and help build the first Hammersley Home!

There's something for nearly everyone! Take your pick from a week in a fully staffed Moroccan riad, a holiday on the beautiful Greek Island of Skiathos or a holiday in Le Marche, Italy. Host a private wine tasting in your own home with renowned local wine expert of Knackered Mothers fame Helen McGinn, or take a unique opportunity to acquire a print by one of Britain’s greatest modern artists such as Patrick Heron, Ben Nicholson or Craigie Aitchison.

See here the full list and descriptions of lots - from each photograph you can click through to a full desciption of what's included. All proceeds will help raise the funds to buy the first Hammersley Home.

Safety, security, comfort and friendship for adults with enduring mental illness

hammersley homes mental health charity logoEstablished in 2018 in Lymington, Hammersley Homes is a local charity with a big mission: to provide a home for life, for adults suffering from enduring mental illness –people whose condition cannot be cured and who will not recover. 

Following the introduction of the “Care in the Community” initiative in the 1980’s, many of the residences, homes and hospital wards which used to accommodate adults who suffered from enduring mental illness were closed, and the closures continue.

Now, all too frequently, these unfortunate and vulnerable people live alone, often in chaos and unable to manage; or they are homeless; or live with family who one day won’t be there for them. They live too often without friends or a sense of community, a sense of purpose – things we all need for our general wellbeing.

Hammersley Homes aims to provide long-term homes for this vulnerable sector, reducing their loneliness and chaos by giving them a safe and secure home for life, a community to live in with friends, and bring some fun, meaning and purpose back into their lives.

Living in a Hammersley Homes community will introduce safety, security, routine and purpose to their lives, and keep them occupied, entertained and out of trouble with the law.

Everybody can help in some small way to build the first Hammersley Home!

Hammersley Homes online auction - Solent sailing day Hammersley Homes needs volunteers as well as funds to build the very first local Home. If you are interested in getting involved in any way, the charity would love to hear from you.

But right now you can help by having fun and bidding for one of the fantastic auction lots at the Online Auction - including a day sailing on our fabulous Solent close to home.

The auction will close at 10.30pm next Saturday the 16th November during the Hammersley Homes Gala Ball, and you'll find out then whether you have been successful.

How To Bid and Donate

If you’ve never bid in a Silent Auction - it’s fun!

Go to the Online Auction Website here and you’ll see how to view Silent Auction Items, keep track of your bids or simply Make a Donation (you can have a room in the house named after you!).

To bid, select an item, enter your bid amount and then click 'Place Bid'.

Use the 'Max Bid' function and the system will bid for you up to the amount entered.

Register your details and then 'Confirm Your Bid'.

You can keep bidding! 

If your bid is bettered you’ll receive an outbid text notification and can decide whether to bid again!

There’s more information and help in the FAQs section.

More about Hammersley Homes

There's more information about Hammersley Homes on the main Hammersley Homes Website - including how you can volunteer to help in one of many ways.





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