Amazing support for new charity ‘Olivia Inspires’

Amazing support for new charity ‘Olivia Inspires’

Organisations and individuals across the New Forest are supporting new Milford on Sea based charity 

Olivia Inspires at Bournemouth School for GirlsOrganisations and individuals from across the New Forest and further afield are supporting a new charity ‘Olivia Inspires’. The charity has been founded to enable the spirit of Olivia Burt to live on by helping young people in the New Forest to develop their potential.

The most recent support has come from Curie House at Bournemouth School for Girls, Olivia’s house at the school where she was head girl. Curie House has made Olivia inspires their charity of the year and Olivia’s parents, Nigel and Paula Burt recently attended a house assembly to talk about Olivia and Olivia Inspires. Their support will see a number of events organised throughout the year starting with a charity quiz.

Olivia Inspires has also been chosen as a charity of the year by University College, which was Olivia’s college at Durham University. Lymington Town Sailing Club where Olivia was a member, has also named Olivia Inspires as one of their supported charities. In addition, generous donations have been made by a number of individuals and organisations, including Gill Instruments, where Olivia worked on her gap year; the Beaulieu Beaufort Foundation and Bransgore Rotary Club.

In addition, a group of volunteers in Olivia’s home village, Milford on Sea have come together and are planning a series of fund raising events.

Olivia InspiresOlivia’s father, Nigel Burt said: “We have been delighted by the support that the community has offered Olivia Inspires and without this we would not be able to offer the same level of support to the young people of the New Forest.

“Our priority now is to get the applications rolling in from the young people we want to help. We are in the process of visiting all of the secondary schools and colleges in the New Forest and explaining how Olivia Inspires can support their students. The applications have started to come through but we want lots more.

It is really easy to apply via a simple form on the website. “You might need to buy new football boots, pay for music lessons, buy some equipment you need for your course, or go on a school trip to the theatre. Whatever it is, Olivia Inspires is here to support you. Don’t be afraid to contact us if you’re not sure whether or not we can help you, ” Nigel added.

To find out more, make an application for support or donate to the charity please visit www.oliviainspires.org.uk.

You can follow them on Facebook @oliviainspires or Twitter @olivia_inspires.

And find out more about Olivia Inspires here.



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