Rotary Club of Lymington and its many New Forest good deeds

Living in the New Forest have you ever considered joining Rotary?

Rotary Club of Lymington demonstrates all that’s so brilliant about Rotary International

Logo of Rotary Club of LymingtonAs Lymington.com we always go out of our way to promote and champion the annual charity and community events put on by our marvellous Rotary Club of Lymington.

Lymington Rotary has now itself joined Lymington.com as a Member, which gives us the chance to tell you a little more about the people behind Rotary International as represented by Rotary of Lymington: its humanitarian aims and support for important international causes, at the same time as organising such fabulous local events and providing funding towards many more local community initiatives – all of which together make it such a unique and special organisation.  

Santa and his Elves - all part of Rotary's contribution to Christmas

Father Christmas and his Rotary Elves with the Santa Sleigh in Lymington And as Santa prepares to arrive courtesy of the RNLI boat on the Quay this weekend (Sunday 4pm ETA)  and proceeds with the help of his Elves to entertain and delight local families, it’s also timely to mention that the Lymington Rotarians would love it if more like-minded individuals would like to join their merry band! 

Find out more by attending a meeting

Rotary offers a wonderful, warm, welcome into a fabulous group of socially motivated and sociable individuals who don’t mind dressing up a bit for charity too!

For people who are interested in finding out more, the recommended first step is to attend one of Rotary's weekly meetings - see below for more information about Lymington Rotary.

Local organisations can also apply to Rotary for funds

Local organisations are also invited to apply to Lymington Rotary for contributions towards their own local community events and other initiatives.  You can see here the list of local organisations to which donations were made in the year to March 2019. You are invited to write in to Rotary or call to discuss your reason for requesting funding and take things from there.

Please read more about Lymington Rotary here

And here’s all the lowdown about Santa on the Quay on Sunday here

Plus there's a list of the other still to come dates and locations where Santa and his Elves will visit here 



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