The Natural Health Hub's Yoga Fundraiser for Oz in the New Forest

The Hub’s Fundraiser for Oz in the New Forest

Lymington's Natural Health Hub is raising funds to help the wildlife blighted by the Australian bushfires with a Yoga and Meditation evening at SenSpa.

Bushfires in Australia 2020 - photo Blue RobinsonThe Natural Health Hub in Lymington is holding a large yoga and meditation fundraiser for the animals and wildlife that have been blighted by the bushfires in Australia.

For two months Australia has been ravaged by the fires. The toll this uncontrollable firestorm has taken is staggering: 27 people have died, more than 2,000 homes have been destroyed and 18 million acres have burned. It is thought that 1.25 billion animals have been killed.

Yoga and meditation evening

The Natural Health Hub’s bushfire fundraising evening will bring together up to 50 yogis for an hour and a half of hatha yoga and meditation.

Hannah Bimpson - Yoga instructor at The Natural Health Hub LymingtonA gentle class, to which anyone who has some yoga experience is welcome, it will take place at SenSpa, the health spa at Careys Manor Hotel in Brockenhurst, on 30 January 7-8.30pm.

'I’m sure many people, myself included, are feeling helpless and saddened by the bushfires in Australia,’ says The Hub’s yoga instructor Hannah Bimpson, who instigated the event. ‘It feels as though there isn’t much we can do to help but when people come together with a shared intention it can be a very powerful thing.

‘So please join me on 30 January to hold space for our planet and all those affected.

This will be a donation-based class with all the proceeds going to those in need. An hour of yoga followed by a group meditation where collectively we shall send help, love and support. Even if you don’t do yoga or don’t usually meditate we would like you to sit down for 10 minutes at 8pm on the 30th and visualise rainfall over Australia. Or just imagining the country without fire and destruction would be enough.’

Personal connections to the horror

Owner of The Natural Health Hub, Sue Leach, has been following the advance of the bushfires with particular horror as friends in Australia had to flee their home on Boxing Day. ‘When I asked my friend to write a few words to publicise our fundraiser he came back within half an hour with this reply and a poem: “Having evacuated our home in the Southern Highlands of NSW I sat down and wrote this, to perform with internationally acclaimed didgeridoo player and friend William Barton, as a message of hope and healing to a bruised and burnt Australia – the country that I love.” His poem says it all…’

Tomorrow is hope

When the earth is scorched at your feet – and you run with your children,
Praying the car will start, leaving your home and breaking your heart,
When the fire roars with a sound not heard since war,
When you gather with others – huddled on the nearest distant shore.

When the sky is not the sky, but the crimson roof of hell,
With ash drifting thick on all you love, and all you’ve lost – and all you have to tell.
When the animals that you’ve bred, that you raised, that you fed,
Scream in terror at the flames, breeding darkness in your head.

And the horror in the bush, with the massive, savage loss,
Of the smaller friends we knew, living quietly, living true.
Then you witness local heroes, driving trucks through burning hell,
Holding hoses to the nightmare seeing tales too dark to tell,
Finding those who never made it, nature’s furnace cutting short,
Lonely fights to flee the firestorm, halting desperate battles fought.

And now, you stare at life within familiar walls,
Of heights marked in pen on the kitchen door frame,
And dates alongside those ascending names,
And medallions on shelves, from children’s past won games,
And wonder – what to take, and what remains.

And where to go and where to stay,
And what to ask – and what to say,
To those who plead with their eyes, and cry into their hands,
And when you get there, and look at the faces of those who fled,
With smoke stained clothes and eyes rimmed red,
You know you are not alone.

And when you are not alone, there is a tomorrow,
With mateship, loyalty, courage, hope,
Hope for yourself, hope for each other – hope for the future,
Together, we will get through this,
Together we will be stronger,
Together we will overcome.

Blue Robinson, copyright 2020

How to book

Hannah Bimpson and Koala To go to the fundraiser you must secure your place via this Eventbrite page: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-hubs-fundraiser-for-oz-tickets-89580213831 (cash donations only on the night) and bring your own mat.

How to donate

Alternatively, if you are unable to attend or would prefer to pay by card you can donate to Wires, a wildlife rescue charity that operates in the New South Wales area of Australia, by visiting Hannah’s JustGiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/h-bimpson.

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