Lymington.com for Oakhaven Stars

Be an Oakhaven Star - it's easy!

Lymington.com for Oakhaven Stars - tell me how many jumps below and I'll multiply my donation by 10

OAKHAVEN STARS squareEvery little counts for Oakhaven Hospice, desperately in need of replenishing its coffers to enable it to keep providing such an amazing and so appreciated local service through challenging times. As per Oakhaven's Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/OakhavenHospiceTrust...

"Be an Oakhaven star, by getting active with this simple challenge. Whatever your age, ability or fitness level we hope that each and every one of you will join us.Pick your level, get a member of your household to video you and upload to your Facebook or Instagram, tagging Oakhaven and 3 friends to take up the challenge.

We’ve given you a few options but it doesn’t have to stop there, the sky’s the limit!
30 star jumps and donate £3
50 star jumps and donate £5
100 star jumps and donate £10
donations to be made to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/oakhavenstars
We can’t wait to see all you stars out there, the fundraising team have started you off so tag your it!

If you're not glued to your Facebook or Instagram you may not have seen this initiative already being shared widely across social media, but this is a really easy and worthwhile thing to do and share - and every little we donate will help Oakhaven.

oakhaven stars - Jane about to jumpJane Jumps a few Stars (how many?!)

As my jumps below show, this was a lot easier than running the London Marathon for Oakhaven 5 years almost to the day ago!

For the occasion I have dug out and donned the t shirt I wore on that oh so memorable day when I was literally cheered by the crowds by name, around nearly the entirety of the 26.2 miles course - the only "empty" section is out towards docklands and again for a stretch on the way back but most of the way those streets were packed!

Count my jumps in the video below and email to tell me how many there were - I'll multiply my own donation by 10 (can't say a figure that would be giving the game away!) 

Email me at jane@bartleymarketing

And meanwhile find your phone and a "photographer" and get jumping too!!



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