Brownies for the frontline with 7th Wave Events New Forest

Brownies for the carers, firemen, postmen of the New Forest frontline 

7th Wave Events Michele Rae is baking daily for the keyworkers of the New Forest

7th wave events brownies for the firemen  It all began with her sister, her GP brother in law, her nephew, her niece who all at similar times although in different ways were quite dramatically affected by coronavirus, which coincided with the equally dramatic decline in demand for Michele's top class and in a pre-coronavirus era fully booked catered cuisine.

At this point a friend, a carer at a local care home who was at the end of her tether, professed herself totally exhausted and the next day Michele baked her some brownies.

At the same time clapping for the carers which brings out the community spirit in neighbours whether friends before or not was taking hold, and so many people Michele knew were being affected in so many ways: from no work, no income to really frightening experiences of the virus itself.

And so inexorably Michele who wakes regularly at 6am to feed her animals, found herself heading straight for the kitchen to start baking her legendary brownies (for which the recipe is still a closely guarded secret) for basically, a different group of deserving people daily!

Oakhaven Hospice have benefitted, as have many other groups and still it continues.

7th wave events outside catering 600X400Meanwhile Michele has also launched an enterprising catering service especially designed for special occasions in our current distanced lives called DineInDeluxe - Michele will come to you, park in your driveway and prepare a superb meal for groups as small as 2 people, all whilst adhering to the social distancing guidelines!

"The loveliest lady ever! She can do a lovely, professional dinner party if you have a special occasion at these difficult times & safely deliver delicious food to your home without contact- highly recommend!"

This is compelling enough a recommendation for us to book up for an upcoming special family occasion which deserves to be celebrated even in Lockdown!

Do take a look at the 7th Wave Events Facebook page where you'll see lots more stories of Michele's daily brownie production line and be tempted by DineInDeluxe! 

And find out more about 7th Wave Events here

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