Oakhaven Hospice New Forest shops and how you can help

Bags of generosity for Lymington's Oakhaven Hospice

Please hold on to your cleared out New Forest clobber, ready for Oakhaven Shops to take it, gradually!

Oakhaven Hospice ShopsEveryone loves a bargain, and since 1995 when the first Oakhaven Hospice shop opened in Lymington, the Hospice shops have gained a reputation for excellence and quality at affordable prices. In each shop you will find a great team of staff and volunteers working together to provide a welcoming and enticing array plus first class customer service. Each of the shops (3 in Lymington; see link below) is an Aladdin’s cave filled with real treasures and the ultimate in recycling. You never know what you will find in an Oakhaven shop!

Helping Oakhaven to raise much needed funds

We can all help Oakhaven Hospice to raise much needed funds, simply by giving them what we don't need.

Clothes will be hung for sale, knick knacks will go on display, jewellery, hats, shoes will all play their part in raising much needed funds for Oakhaven Hospice.

All the more so, in a year when live fundraising events had to be cancelled, and the fundraising shortfall is large.

Even the items that can’t be sold by the Hospice shops in the New Forest will go on to raise money, through recycling. In the words of Melanie Stone of Oakhaven's fundraising and events team "Your donations do make such a difference to Oakhaven; the income they generate plays a significant part in raising the funds to help the Hospice to care for those in the community who need it."

Oakhaven Hospice charity shopDonations since Lockdown have temporarily overwhelmed the volunteers - please be patient if you can!

Inevitably many of us took the opportunity to do some clearing out during Lockdown and whilst we might be desperate now to get rid of the bags and boxes of stuff we amassed, Oakhaven would be extremely grateful if we could hang on a little longer.

Volunteers are steadily working their way through recent donations and, as shoppers start to "recycle" the goods on display, they will as soon as possible signal that they can take more.

There is right now though a surplus of stuff awaiting sorting and currently no books, cds or dvds can be taken.  

Oakhaven Hospice inside a charity shop9 shops across the New Forest

There are 9 shops across the New Forest including the three in Lymington; they all take part in the retail gift aid scheme which enables the hospice to claim an additional 25p for every £1 raised on goods donated by the public from HM Revenue & Customs!

For the information you need about where and what to take please click the links below:

Shops, locations and contact phone numbers (click link)

Update on donations - the latest information (click link)

A summary of what's welcome...

  • Ladies, men’s and children’s clothes, shoes and accessories
  • Ornaments, china and glassware in good clean condition
  • Vintage and retro items
  • Toys
  • Unwanted gifts
  • Small electrical appliances
  • Furniture with fire labels if applicable
  • Modern paperback books, CDs and DVDs are normally accepted but as at July 2020 CAN NOT be taken

...and what isn't!

Unfortunately there are certain items which cannot be taken due to Health and Safety regulations or lack of public demand, these are:-

  • Computers
  • Videos and cassettes
  • Duvets and Pillows
  • Safety helmets
  • Child car seats
  • Toys without a CE label
  • Gas appliances
  • Sharp knives and weapons
  • White electrical goods
  • Upholstered furniture without a fire label or no longer in a clean sellable condition

Bags in an Oakhaven Hospice charity shop

If you have time, please sort into separate bags and boxes!

Taking time to sort your donations can help generate more money for the Hospice.

All donated stock will be used to the best advantage for Oakhaven and may be sold, recycled or disposed of as appropriate.

This is based on the principle of getting best value for money for every kind donation. In short, every penny raised by the Hospice shops is used to fund the specialist care and support to patients and their families when they need it most.

Oakhaven Hospice thanks us all for our support, whether in donating items we no longer need and/or shopping in their shops!


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