Fabulous Christmas cards from Hammersley Homes Lymington

Support Hammersley Homes mental health charity by buying their lovely Christmas cards

Hammersley Homes in Lymington seeks to enrich the lives of vulnerable mentally ill adults by providing them with a safe home for life, together with friendship, compassion, kindness, comfort and a sense of purpose and community

Hammersley Homes Christmas card Linda Chew

It's an enormous mission upon which Hammersley Homes has embarked; in these times more than ever it's also an enormously important one. 

Something many of us can do to help is to buy these beautiful artist designed Christmas cards, all the proceeds from which will go to the charity.

The cards are in packs of 15, all different!  A wonderful array from which to select for each and everyone on your Christmas card list!  They have been designed especially for Hammersley Homes by different artists, and although seasonal in theme, they are perhaps not the usual sort of Christmas Card... 

Each contains the greeting: “Happy Christmas and all good wishes for the year ahead” - which leaves plenty of scope for further wishes!

The packs of 15 cost £8.95 including delivery within the UK, so 60p per card - they are good quality laminated cards and come with envelopes too of course.

Buy Hammersley Homes Christmas cards here!

A home for life: safety, security, comfort and friendship for adults with enduring mental illness

Hammersley Homes Christmas card Jane PickanceEstablished in 2018 in Lymington, Hammersley Homes is a relatively new charity that aims to provide permanent supported homes for life for vulnerable adults who suffer from enduring mental illness, in the main people whose condition cannot be cured.  

Hammersley Homes wants to keep them safe, out of hospital, away from the Criminal Justice System - and enrich their lives with friendship, compassion, kindness, comfort and a sense of purpose and community.  

The Hammersley Homes team is working hard to raise awareness of this issue, raise the profile of the charity and raise funds.

Buy Hammersley Homes Christmas cards here!

Some of the background to Hammersley Homes

Following the introduction of the “Care in the Community” initiative in the 1980’s, many of the residences, homes and hospital wards which used to accommodate adults who suffered from enduring mental illness were closed, and the closures continue.

Hammersley Homes Christmas card Kate ScottNow, all too frequently, these unfortunate and vulnerable people live alone, often in chaos and unable to manage; or they are homeless; or live with family who one day won’t be there for them. They live too often without friends or a sense of community, a sense of purpose – things we all need for our general wellbeing.

Hammersley Homes aims to provide long-term homes for this vulnerable sector, reducing their loneliness and chaos by giving them a safe and secure home for life, a community to live in with friends, and bring some fun, meaning and purpose back into their lives.

Living in a Hammersley Homes community will introduce safety, security, routine and purpose to their lives, and keep them occupied, entertained and out of trouble with the law.

Everybody can help in some small way to build the first Hammersley Home!

Hammersley Homes needs volunteers as well as funds to build the very first local Home. If you are interested in getting involved the charity would love to hear from you.There's more information on the main Hammersley Homes Website - including how you can volunteer to help in one of many ways.

But right now you can help simply by buying these lovely cards and sending to your relatives and friends and thus spreading the word further.

Buy Hammersley Homes Christmas cards here!







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