Lymington Community Centre new Lymington Anthology

Lymington Community Centre: new "Lymington Anthology" 

New "Lymington Anthology of short stories and fiction, great Christmas presents, raising funds for Lymington Community Centre - heart of the community for over 70 years whose buildings are badly in need of further renovation...

Proposed new look lymington centre entrance Over the 70 years since it opened in 1948 and supported by a huge number of passionate volunteers Lymington Community Centre has contributed enormously to the local area, offering both recreational and educational facilities to all.  It's used and enjoyed by up to 4,000 people every week and is always vibrant and busy!  Call in sometime and find out more!

The Centre is on an enormous fund raising mission to renovate and update its tired buildings and continue to perform its vital role in the community....as per the images here.

Lymington Writers Launch Anthology

Lymington Writers have now created and published the first Lymington Anthology to help raise more funds for the Centre.

It goes on sale in early December and is the perfect Christmas present!  The Anthology contains short stories and flash fiction from the Lymington Writers group, as well as the successful entries to the Lymington Competition, held last year by the Lymington Community Centre.

It is all to support the Lymington Community Association Appeal, which is raising funds to refurbish the Community Centre.

Entries for the Competition were all on the theme ‘Community. and a wide range of excellent, entertaining stories was received.Those published include an imagining of the first community to settle in the area, a war-damaged soldier finding a home, and a heart-warming story of disability overcome, through the care given in a residential community.

All the short-listed Competition entries, in adult and Under-18 categories, are included in the Anthology. Competition winner Mike Watkins, from Ashurst, created a humourous Christmas tale, featuring two old ladies, a reformed burglar, and some magic shenanigans with a Rolls Royce.

The Anthology also includes short stories from Lymington Writers in several genres: humour, magic realism, future fantasy and under-the-covers machinations in an un-named Planning Office. There is a preview of a hilarious chapter from the forthcoming novel by Trina Woolhouse, set in a traffic jam all round the M25. In total, there are fourteen short stories, and twelve flash fictions (500 words each) spread over 147 pages.

The Lymington Anthology has 147 pages. It will be available from the Lymington Centre, from early December. Full details are on the LCA website: https://lymingtoncommunity.com

editor of new Lymington AnthologyPhoto: Editor Colin Johnson with the Lymington Anthology

Can you help with the fundraising?

Anybody able to offer help in any capacity is as ever warmly invited to contact the Centre! 

In the first instance contact Centre Manager Rachel who is in the Centre most days and would be happy to have a preliminary chat, totally in confidence.   You can contact Rachel by email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on her mobile which is  07985 055329.

Anybody who would simply like to make a donation can do so by clicking the Just Giving link:  https://www.justgiving.com/lymingtoncommunityassociation

Lymington Community Association - a Charity

Lymington Community Association whcich owns the Community Centre is a Charity, Number 1188765.

Do read the history of how the Association began and how the Centre came into being and evolved to the current day

Facilities on offer at the Centre

Not everybody will know the full extent of the current facilities at the Community Centre.   

So please read all about what's on offer here!




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