The Year of the Nurse: Oakhaven Hospice and a Mosimanns cake

2020 was the "Year of the Nurse" 

Oakhaven Hospice is presented with a fabulous Mosimann’s cake from Royal Lymington Yacht Club, to mark the enormous efforts of Oakhaven's nursing and caring teams

Oakhaven Nurses and Professor Paul Dobson, Chairman receive Thank You cake donated by Royal Lymington Yacht Club and Mosimann’sEd Note: The way things have panned out it now seems a pretty strange coincidence in some ways, that 2020 should have been designated in advance as the Year of the Nurse. And nursing staff everywhere have all faced a year of unprecedented challenge.

Oakhaven Hospice: end of life nursing care, counselling and support 

Oakhaven Hospice helps people who are facing the prospect of the end of life. Within the hospice and in homes across the New Forest, Totton and Waterside community it provides, free of charge, expert specialist nursing care, counselling and support to patients and their families at the most difficult time of lives.

A cake made by the new Mosimann’s team at RLymYC was presented to the nursing team to mark "Year of the Nurse" which coincides with this most challenging year for nurses everywhere.

Andrew Ryde, Chief Executive of Oakhaven Hospice explains: “We are incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful team of specialist Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Carers and many other support staff and volunteers, all of whom make Oakhaven a calm, caring, friendly and professional haven for patients facing the end of life.”

“This year, more than ever, we’d like to thank our team who have worked tirelessly to deal with the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst finding ways to cope with a national shortage of PPE and Covid-19 tests and scrupulously following ever-changing expert advice, they have all the while continued to provide the high levels of specialist care and support needed by patients and their loved ones.”

The Oakhaven team have worked tirelessly all year

Mosimann’s chef Nick Hebditch and Daniel Thorpe present a cake to Oakhaven nurses, Suzanne Jones and Jane Leonard, to thank the team for their hard work and celebrate 2020 Year of the Nurse.”The hospice nurses have continued to support patients and their families throughout the pandemic whether that is out in the community or in the hospice itself. This has been an incredibly challenging year for all clinicians providing care, but it is very appropriate that 2020 is the official year of the nurse and gives us all an opportunity to recognise the amazing work they do. Oakhaven is very pleased that the Royal Lymington Yacht Club and Mosimann's have so generously provided this cake in recognition of their nurses and other carers.

Rose Walford, one of Oakhaven's clinical nurse specialists working as part of the community nursing team for the hospice, said “We are so proud to be able to make a difference for our patients. Without the support of Oakhaven Hospice they would struggle to manage in their own homes; with our ability to take our nursing care to them, they are able to stay where they feel most comfortable: at home.”

All with great spirit and a smile

“Reacting to guidelines and implementing change was a daily occurrence for our whole team, all of whom ‘took it in their stride’ and did so with great spirit and a smile,” said Jenny Butler, Ward Manager at the hospice.

“It is important to remember that it was not just the care staff, nurses and doctors who had to learn a new way to go about their work, but facilities, housekeeping, and the kitchen staff too.

“Although this year has had its fair share of sadness, shock, anger and ‘bewilderment’ it has also shown us all how lucky we are to work in such a caring community - and remembering such this has kept the spirit and smiles flowing. We are truly grateful that at a time of great personal challenge for all, we have remained in our community’s hearts and minds.”

Thank you to all who have helped Oakhaven in this difficult year

Thank you cake for Oakhaven Hospice baked by Nick Hebditch of Mosimann’s at Royal Lymington Yacht ClubOakhaven Hospice is thankful for businesses and individuals throughout the New Forest, Waterside and Totton community who donated much-needed PPE when it was scarce, delivered homemade masks for staff and hearts for patients and their loved ones. Pictures, treats and messages of support have also been very gratefully received.

“Oakhaven Hospice is very close to our members’ hearts and we hope that this small gesture of a cake made by our new restaurant partners, Mosimann’s, will thank everyone for the hard work they have put in during this, the most difficult of years,” said Roger Garlick, Commodore of Royal Lymington Yacht Club.

2020 has been a tough year financially for Oakhaven Hospice. Only 14% of Oakhaven Hospice’s costs are provided by the NHS. The rest has to be covered by other means, such as donations, legacies, the charity’s shops and of course fundraising. The Covid pandemic has hit Oakhaven hard, with charity shops closed and fundraising events cancelled or curtailed.

How you can help Oakhaven

There are a number of ways that we can help Oakhaven Hospice in 2021.

Oakhaven Giving is Oakhaven Hospice’s new regular giving initiative. If every adult across the New Forest, Totton and Waterside community each gives the cost of a cup of coffee, just once a month, together we will provide the entire annual needs of our hospice. Together we’re stronger so let’s help each other! For more information visit www.oakhavenhospice.co.uk/regular-giving-to-support-oakhaven.

If you would prefer to make a donation or leave a gift in your Will, visit the website www.oakhavenhospice.co.uk, where you can also find out being a volunteer for the hospice, perhaps as a member of the Hospice Neighbours team or for an Oakhaven shop.

If you are (or you know someone who is) looking for someone to talk to or need practical help, such as gardening, dog walking or shopping, call the Oakhaven Wellbeing team at the Coates Centre on 01590 677198.

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