Around the Isle of Wight with Hammersley Homes of Lymington

Around the Island - on foot!

Hammersley Homes Isle of Wight Coastal Path Challenge

Isle of Wight view back to Hurst

This weekend we're not talking about the iconic Round the Island sailing race, but an Around the Island circumnavigation on foot by two mature ladies, one aged 80. We'll let Louise tell you all about this, in her own words.

By Louise Hallett, July 2021

I've set myself a rather mad challenge!

"I’ve set myself a rather mad challenge, to walk the 70 mile Isle of Wight Coastal Path later this month, to raise much needed funds for Hammersley Homes - a charity that’s very close to my heart.

Safety and support, friendship and compassion, for adults with enduring mental illnesses

Isle of Wight walking challenge mapThe charity was established in 2018 to provide supported homes for life, for vulnerable adults who suffer from enduring mental illnesses and struggle to live independently.  The purpose is to relieve the loneliness and chaos they so often live with, and enrich their lives with friendship and compassion, giving them a sense of purpose as well as the safety, security and companionship that we all need in our lives - helping them to live their best life.

Too many...

There are too many ageing parents with their middle-aged children still living with them, who worry always about who will take care of their loved ones when they are gone;  there are too many people in our overcrowded prisons with mental health challenges, effectively being punished for having an illness;  there are too many homeless people with mental illness;  and our NHS mental health services are under-resourced and overstretched, unable to offer the much needed care and support to those requiring it.   

Hammersley Homes aims to provide a solution to these problems with the provision of homes for life for this vulnerable sector, keeping them safe, out of trouble with the law and oIsle of Wight walking challenge itineraryut of hospital, resulting in significant savings to the public purse. We know that the many temporary residential options available to the mentally ill, work well for as long as the residents are there;  however, they all aim for “recovery”, reintegration into society and back to independent living, without consideration or provision for those who will not recover, whose illness is for life.   

In most of these instances "recovery" is simply not feasible

I am doing this Isle of Wight walk with our most intrepid new supporter who, at the inspirational age of 80 is joining me to raise funds to extend this model, to enable the provision of this same support for life, for those who require it - and there are hundreds of thousands of adults in the UK suffering from some form of psychotic illness, deserving of care and support.

  • If you would consider supporting me in my challenge, I would of course be enormously grateful for any donations, however small.   Any donations would be extremely gratefully received, and my donation page can be found here.
  • If you would consider taking on this challenge yourself, and walking the 70 mile Isle of Wight Coastal Path at any time, to raise funds for Hammersley Homes, that would be amazing, and full information can be found here - click on the button that says FUNDRAISE FOR THIS APPEAL. Please email me for further details.
  • If you know anyone or any families who are affected by these issues that Hammersley Homes champions, please do spread the word about the work that this charity is doing, and please ask them to get in touch if they would like to know more. Contact us here.

If you’ve read this far, THANK YOU!!   And thank you for your support. 

Please click this link to make a donation!

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Louise also asked us to mention that if anyone is considering booking a holiday - UK or abroad - if they book through Charitable Travel, then at no extra cost, the company will donate 5% of the cost of the booking to a charity of the buyer’s choice, from the list on the Charitable Travel website.  As Louise says "they are an excellent travel company, and the holidays on their website are extremely tempting …. obviously we are listed as one of the charity options to support!"   

Take a look here at the holidays on offer. 


Safety, security, comfort and friendship for adults with enduring mental illness

hammersley homes mental health charity logoEstablished in 2018 in Lymington, Hammersley Homes is a local charity with a big mission: to provide a home for life, for adults suffering from enduring mental illness –people whose condition cannot be cured and who will not recover. 

Following the introduction of the “Care in the Community” initiative in the 1980’s, many of the residences, homes and hospital wards which used to accommodate adults who suffered from enduring mental illness were closed, and the closures continue.

Now, all too frequently, these unfortunate and vulnerable people live alone, often in chaos and unable to manage; or they are homeless; or live with family who one day won’t be there for them. They live too often without friends or a sense of community, a sense of purpose – things we all need for our general wellbeing.

Hammersley Homes aims to provide long-term homes for this vulnerable sector, reducing their loneliness and chaos by giving them a safe and secure home for life, a community to live in with friends, and bring some fun, meaning and purpose back into their lives.

Living in a Hammersley Homes community will introduce safety, security, routine and purpose to their lives, and keep them occupied, entertained and out of trouble with the law.

Everybody can help in some small way to build the first Hammersley Home!

Hammersley Homes needs volunteers as well as funds to build the very first local Home. If you are interested in getting involved in any way, the charity would love to hear from you."

Make your donation here!

More about Hammersley Homes

There's lots more about Hammersley Homes on its Website - including how you can volunteer to help in one of many ways.





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