Oakhaven Hospice 2021 message of thanks for Lymington.com readers

"2021 was made so much easier by you!"

Oakhaven Hospice reflects on another challenging year 

Ed Note: This is a personal message to you all written by Melanie Stone, Head of Fundraising at Oakhaven Hospice. Melanie feels that Oakhaven has done a lot of "asking" this year, and would like to focus for Christmas on thanking and appreciating you all for the support of so many generous people across the New Forest community.

It so happens I also knew Charlotte (see story below) and know her family well too - in fact her wonderful son Tom and I were the London Marathon runners for Oakhaven the following year.

Nearly everybody reading this will have his or her own connection of some kind with Oakhaven. Which makes it all the more personal when we're able to play our small parts in helping the hospice continue its much needed work. Here though, Melanie truly wants simply to thank you.

Family Fun Day 2021"As we near the end of 2021 we reflect back on what has been another challenging year for the Hospice.

We all hoped that this year would see a return to normality as restrictions eased. Life began to be more social as we once again mixed with friends and family. We returned carefully to the workplace and took on the challenges of adapting to new ways of working.

In March we launched our urgent care appeal, featuring Graeme, Liz and Arthur Gant. Liz generously allowed us to tell the story of her family’s experiences at Oakhaven and the support that Graeme received during his illness - and how Liz and Arthur were also enveloped in the care we provide.

Our community rallied around us and the response was overwhelming, our post was full of donations and messages of support and thanks to one generous donation we have been able to purchase 2 more of the bariatric beds that made such a difference to Graeme's end of life.

The first "in person" events since the start of the pandemic finally able to happen

As summer arrived we were able to support our community events, a memorial football event at St Mary’s, give talks and reconnect with our supporters, as well as hosting our first ‘in person’ event since the start of the pandemic.

It was fantastic to be back at Barton on Sea Golf club for our annual golf day.

Events were rearranged and in September we welcomed people back to the Hospice for our Family Fun day, it was so good to have the grounds filled with smiling faces and there was a wonderful atmosphere as the afternoon went on.

Autumn saw our community take on more fundraising as the London ‘virtual’ Marathon took place in early October and our very own events fundraiser Alicia, took on 26.2 miles from her home in Bournemouth finishing her run here at the Hospice.

We never stop providing care to families facing end of life

One thing that has never changed is that the hospice has continued to provide care to families facing end of life in our community, the clinical team have been tireless in their commitment to ensure that those needing support continued to receive it, it has been a challenging time navigating the ever changing landscape and they have done so with compassion and understanding.

There has been the necessity to work in different ways, utilising technology to ensure contact is maintained but throughout it all the patient has been at the very centre of everything we do. Thank goodness for that technology!

The sadness of having to cancel indoor events this Christmas

And now as we move toward Christmas we took the difficult decision to cancel our indoor events as with the rising concern over the Omicron variant we wanted to ensure that our community remained safe and well over the festive period.

Light up a Life online with us if you're able to

Our much loved Light up a Life was unable to go ahead and we have had recorded a short service that will be available on our website this Friday at 5pm for you to watch and remember those no longer with us.

Light up a Life is when we remember loved ones; Sally's story may well bring tears to your eyes but reflects the care and compassion that Oakhaven bring to those during the most difficult of times and how this carries forward in the memories of those left behind. Click here for pdf for easier reading.

Light up a Life 2021

This is very much the ethos of Oakhaven, we want our community, volunteers, staff and those we care for to keep safe and well.

Especially this Christmas as we hope that families and friends will be able to come together to spend time and enjoy the festivities.  

Thank you to you our community

We have remained strong over the last two years because of you our community and we cannot thank you enough for all you have done to ensure that we are here touching lives across our New Forest, Waterside and Totton communities.

Oakhaven wishes you a safe and happy Christmas and hope that 2022 will be a time of emerging normality for us all.

Thank you!"


Ed note

Melanie's message was written as purely a thank you, but some of you reading this might feel you want to do something, and so we are including mention of a new way in which we can all help. Charities generally are suffering as there seem to be fewer truly philanthropic wealthy people in the world, and the balance is shifting: more people giving a little, will be one of the ways forward. Oakhaven Giving is Oakhaven Hospice’s regular giving initiative.This is quite a thought: if every adult across the New Forest, Totton and Waterside community were each to give the cost of a cup of coffee, just once a month, they would provide the entire annual needs of our hospice. For more information visit www.oakhavenhospice.co.uk/regular-giving-to-support-oakhaven.

And finally...

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