Mike’s Million Steps charity walk for Oakhaven Hospice Lymington

Mike’s Million Steps for Oakhaven Hospice Lymington, are about to Commence!  

Mikes Million Steps for Oakhaven Hospice Lymington - Mike DennySo, why is Mike going to put himself through the challenge of the Million Steps?!  Well, it's all about Oakhaven Hospice Lymington. 


As most people in Lymington know, Oakhaven Hospice is our local hospice serving Lymington, the south New Forest & Waterside.


Oakhaven Hospice Trust provides a full range of specialist palliative care and support to people who have terminal illnesses and are facing death. In most cases the illness is cancer, which strikes the young, middle aged and old, sometimes seemingly quite indiscriminately, mercilessly attacking people who should still have most of their lives ahead of them, including parents of young children, wonderful people in the prime of life, and some who are caring for a partner or elderly relative themselves.


Care and support at home and in the hospice, for patients and their families


The Oakhaven Hospice team of specialist nurses, doctors, counsellors and physiotherapists ease physical symptoms and offer psychological, spiritual and social support, to both patients and their families.  This takes place both at home and in the hospice, depending on the individual patient’s needs.  The main thing is to help everybody involved to cope - as the patient faces death and his or her loved ones face loss, grief and uncertainty.  It brings colour to the last days, weeks and sometimes months of a person’s life and makes a really big difference in many, many ways.  And it goes on to help those left behind in the first stages of their challenge to cope with the aftermath.


It costs £3 million annually to run Oakhaven Hospice, of which 13% comes from the NHS.


It costs more than £3 million to run the services provided by Oakhaven Hospice, of which just 13% comes from the National Health Service.  Oakhaven simply could not exist without its own fundraising initiatives and the enormous support of the local community and its generous donors many of whom do not wish their names to be known, who give generously because they can and because they believe very strongly in the wonderful work of Oakhaven Hospice.


More funding is needed for modernisation and development


But Oakhaven needs more financial support, all the time, not just to stand still but to move forward too, to fund expansion and modernisation, especially as our population ages. Sadly that also means more people will develop life limiting illnesses which, because of age, are frequently more complex.


So to Mike's Million Steps


Mike Denny who is the head of Fundraising & Communications at Oakhaven Hospice, is a passionate believer not just in the work of Oakhaven but also in the value of health and fitness, and has always wanted to do something massive.  He has previously run several marathons, walked the Grand Canyon and the Inca Trail, but for him these pale into insignificance compared to the challenge of walking the whole of the South West Coast Path in one go.  A total of 670 miles, and if you’ve visited any part of that coast you’ll know what kind of miles those are!Mikes Million Steps for Oakhaven Hospice Lymington will take him around Lands End


So that’s how Mike’s Million Steps came about!  And now he needs every scrap of support we can all give him, and it really is a case of every little helps!


Mike has already amassed an enormous team of sponsors and supporters and has raised so far more than £20,000.

But his target is higher, and if we can only afford a few pounds it does all help


To learn more and for details of how to donate if you can, please go to http://www.mikesmillionsteps.co.uk.


Oakhaven Hospice Lymington





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