25 Years of Oxfam in Lymington, New Forest


What an achievement!

Oxfam goes back to 1942 when an Oxford committee (Oxford Committee for Famine Relief) was founded by a group of Quakers, social activists and Oxford academics.   In 1943 they lobbied the government of the day to assist and ensure supplies of vital relief to civilians particularly in Belgium and Greece.  They managed to raise £10 700 in their “Greek Week” – more than £370,000 in today’s money. From there they went on to raise money to support and provide food parcels to the desperate and the rejected from the war effort and Oxfam has grown from strength to strength.

Starting with the first shop in Broad Street, Oxford in 1948 supported and run by volunteers.  So it is with the shop in Lymington High Street, 73 High Street.  Run by a very sincere and enthusiastic leader and shop manager Martha Medina, Oxfam in Lymington has gone from strength to strength.  Martha has been shop manager since 2012.  Before that Chris Truscott managed the shop with great aplomb for 16 years I believe.  Before that, the shop manager was always a volunteer, it was a ‘non paid’ job.  So, from manager to till operator to sorter to evaluator, the shop has been run on a volunteer basis since 1989 in Lymington. Quite an achievement, not only by Oxfam, but also by the community in and around Lymington who have for 25 years supported this venture and this charity.

This year, Oxfam celebrates its 25 year history as a shop in the High Street.  And, just by the way, it was (last year) one of the most successful amongst the 700 Oxfam network of shops in England!

So, Oxfam Lymington is saying “thank you to our supporters”!  “Thank you to our volunteers”.  “Thank you to all who keep the donations flowing to keep us going!”

This year, between 12th-21st June 2014 is Lymington Oxfam’s 25th anniversary – Silver! And the Oxfam Shop Manager is holding a party for ALL volunteers who have been involved in Oxfam at anytime over the last 25 years! So if you have been involved at all and would like to attend, please let her know – call the shop 01590 671580.

Lymington Oxfam Shop Manager also wants to thank their customers that have been so wonderfully supportive.  So a special in the shop – a “3 for 1” across all products (except new products), so you can buy a teapot, an old lp and a book – for the price of one item!

Oxfam Lymington is also – for this limited period - running a raffle open to both customers and volunteers.  The purpose of this is to raise awareness for the plight of people overseas in less privileged communities.  Raffle tickets are £1.00 each, and the prizes are – still to be confirmed, as sponsors are still contributing (but there will be a voucher to spend in the shop at least!) 

All monies raised over the next couple of weeks go to supply water for communities in Africa to the value of £1670.  So don’t miss out.  Help us to help others in great need.

All enquiries to 01590 671580.

By Fran Perks, 10 June 2014


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