Positivity in your New Forest garden by Sterling Gardens

Positivity in your New Forest garden

Get set to enjoy your garden even more in 2021, with the help of Sterling Gardens

willow catkinLast year may have been a terrible year for most, with everyone affected in different ways, some tragically more than others.

Whilst we can feel the collective weight of the sadness of the last year, we should always try to focus on its positives. It can be hard to see past the bad, our priorities have though been re-established. Neighbours have connected again with offers of help and chats over the fence. Family life has drastically changed and we now have more time for each other. Making quality time together like enjoying walks together, baking or playing games.

We have had more time to appreciate our gardens

Also more time at home combined with a drive to keep busy means our gardens have never had so much attention. Be that colourful pots filled with annuals & artificial grass or lawns, ponds and large perennial borders. A shortage of food combined with more time at home meant a massive boom in the ‘grow your own’ market. The RHS said views of web pages with advice on 'grow your own' and growing vegetables in particular more than doubled in March 2020 compared with the same time the previous year. Homeowners turned areas of garden into vegetable patches, took on local allotment plots or simply grew tasty salad vegetables on their balcony, with much success!

"Sowing new seeds" for this year

February 2021 is not the time to forget these new found skills!

raised beds

Garlic, broad beans and peas can be planted this month in the vegetable garden and your seed potatoes can be chitted ready. Decking or patios can be super slippery in the winter so cleaning them now can make them safer and ready for use when the sunshine appears. Make time to look at your flower beds, old plants can provide habitats and food sources for wildlife, so don’t be in too much of a rush to cut things back. But once they’ve become a soggy mess you can cut them back and put the remains in a compost heap where they will rot down and make mulch.

February is also a pruning month for a tricky climber, Wisteria. Getting wisteria to flower is more reliable if pruned correctly, cutting in the winter and mid-summer will encourage good quality and plentiful blooms. During a mild spell in February is also the time to prune a Buddleja Davidii for the best summer flowers, making them an excellent invitation too many butterfly species in the summer. Not forgetting lastly to take time to focus on late spring and summer flowering bulbs, February is the perfect time to plant alliums, lilies and Anemones. Anemones are best soaked overnight before planting. There are lots of summer flowering bulbs in the gardens centres but make sure they are hardy & frost proof varieties before planting out now.

No two springs are the same and it’s no wonder we brits are obsessed with the weather: we have one of the world's most changeable climates. February though brings us an average temperature of 7c and 2 inches of rain. Whilst it not an obvious time to get out in the garden it’s the perfect time to prepare for those long summer days we all dream off.

Whether you can identify your Helianthus tuberosus from your Solanum tuberosum or not, let us all make the time for a little garden planning this month. Dig out your seed catalogue, grab and pen and paper and make a plan for your space.

Let Sterling Gardens brave the February weather for you! 

Whether your idea is to make your garden easier to maintain, start your own vegetable plot, improve the soil or simply give the decking a pressure wash, contact Sterling Gardens to help you get your plan in action - and let us brave the February weather!


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