Exbury Gardens New Forest Seasonal News for Lymington - August

Heavenly hydrangeas and other beautiful blooms this August at Exbury

Colourful hydrangeas at Exbury Gardens August 2023

Warm wet weather - perfect for plants!

As regular visitors to Exbury will know, summer droughts are one of our perennial problems.

Obviously, this summer has been a major exception with almost daily torrential showers giving the garden an almost jungle like atmosphere.

Our plant collection has appreciated this heady mix of high temperatures and rainfall particularly after last summer. Our new plantings of both native and ornamental trees have established really well, and the Rare Space Chelsea Garden has also settled in well and is looking fantastic.

Warm wet weather in summer also triggers bud formation in some of our most highly prized plants such as rhododendrons and azaleas which means that we will almost certainly be in for a bumper show next spring.

This climate has created ideal conditions for our hydrangea collection which is having one of the best years in living memory. With over 80 different varieties and hundreds of plants spread around the gardens there is currently a fabulous display of summer colour which visitors can explore and enjoy.

The Centenary Garden and herbaceous borders continue to look magnificent and promise to carry on wowing visitors as the forecast improves and hopefully summer returns.

Want to turn blue hydrangeas pink or pink ones blue?

You’ve probably heard that you can change the colour of hydrangea flowers by making some changes to the soil.

That’s why some blue hydrangeas bought in garden centres change colour after a year or two; they were initially grown in soil with a different pH.

This page will show you what you need to do to change the colour of hydrangea blooms. And if you dislike the new colours, changing them back is easy too!

And if you're interested in learning more about hydrangeas, book now and talk to the experts at Exbury at 

"Seasonal Spotlight: Hydrangeas": Thurs 30 August at 11.00

Herbaceous border at Exbury Gardens summer 2023
Herbaceous plants at Exbury Gardens summer 2023

Summer fun for all the family at Exbury Gardens 

Exbury Gardens with its trees, lakes, space, freedom and steam train is a magical place for quality family time and a fun place too: summer-long you will find family friendly things to do. 

Seasonal daily activities for children include 

c2ag 707x499 3 Brass rubbing trail mapUntil 29 October: pick up trail sheet at Visitor Entrance

Plus on specific dates lots more including Make a Bug Hotel, Donkey Day, Make a Mini Garden and Willow Workshop - see https://www.exbury.co.uk/events


Book now for the Festival of Music

In partnership with 21st Century Events, Exbury presents three days of excellent live musical entertainment, perfect for chilling out or jumping about as you prefer. Bring a picnic or choose from a fabulous range of on-site food and drink options. Book your tickets here for:



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