How to save money and have a beautiful garden

10 Reasons why employing a garden designer might save you money

It really has felt like spring recently. Despite the odd chance of frost at night and the still abundant showers, the days are getting longer, plants are shooting and we’ve had some welcoming warm weather which encourages us to get out into the garden. 

A small garden in MilfordIf you have made it into your garden and were really unhappy with what you saw, now is the time to do something about it.  At this time of the year it is possible to see how the space is being used in the garden. Many perennial plants can be moved without too much stress. Lawns can be seeded and the weather is better suited to large landscaping projects.

But if you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start to make the changes, chances are you need a garden designer to come in and look at your garden from a professional point of view.

You may think that hiring a garden designer is an expensive option, preferring instead to just get a builder in for the hard landscaping.  After which you may consider getting a designer in for advice on the plants. This approach has its attractions but there are also drawbacks.

Here are a few thoughts about why considering a trained garden designer might be a good idea:

  • Builders are there to build a feature, not to try and understand what you want from your garden. A qualified designer spends time talking to clients to get a true understanding of what they want from their garden. A designer endeavours, through diagrams and drawings, to translate their garden wishes into a space they will enjoy.
  • A competent designer will undertake a site survey analysis so the garden not only reflects the client’s wants, but also sits comfortably in its environment.
  • A designer has a strong sense of unity and harmony, seeing the garden as a whole, rather than piecemeal, so all the different elements in the garden are drawn together to give the entire garden its unique identity.
  • Experience counts for a lot. An experienced designer can advise you on the style and materials needed to help create your garden.
  • Designers have the creativity to think of solutions to problems that builders may not consider.
  • Constantly working with different types of spaces means a designer can envisage what will work well within the confines of a garden.
  • An experienced designer will have worked with the same contractors for years and will ensure they too have the understanding and sympathy required to put into practice conceptual designs.
  • A holistic approach to designing gardens means that while the hard landscaping is being considered, consideration is also being given to which plants would work well where, within the chosen style of the garden, and environmental constraints. Again this all adds to the feeling of unity and harmony that a well designed garden produces.
  • If done properly, a well designed garden adds value to your property.

Any building work in a garden is a long term investment. Getting a designer in at the beginning of a project can help you avoid costly mistakes which in the long term can help you save money.  
Throughout the design process and during the implementation of the the design, further consultations with the client should ensure they get the garden that fulfils their dreams.

So if you feel you want some changes to your garden, think about getting a professionally trained garden designer in before you start building.  You may find it will be more cost effective in the long term.

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