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Men's facial at SenSpa Careys Manor

New Soothe and Soak Membership at SenSpa, Careys Manor Hotel Brockenhurst

SenSpa at Careys Manor has just launched its brand new 'Soothe & Soak' spa membership, a monthly membership which includes a host of member benefits to encourage you to make a regular commitment

Podiatrist Paul Gray

Instant relief for painful feet thanks to New Forest podiatrist Paul Gray

Lymington’s foot saviour to the rescue! When is a verucca not a verucca? When it's a corn, swiftly and painlessly removed by podiatrist Paul Gray whose Lymington clinic takes place on Fridays and Saturdays - and Thursdays in Barton on Sea.

SenSpa hydrotherapy for men

National Good Spa Guide best spa for wellness - vote SenSpa New Forest!

New from SenSpa in Brockenhurst comes 'Sen Sound' - combining the harmonious rhythms of sound with the therapeutic powers of hydrotherapy and aquatic bodywork.

Sen Sound at SenSpa - April session

The benefits of water and sound combined: Sen Sound at SenSpa

New from SenSpa in Brockenhurst comes 'Sen Sound' - combining the harmonious rhythms of sound with the therapeutic powers of hydrotherapy and aquatic bodywork.

Traditional Thai Massage at SenSpa

What’s in a Thai Massage? The Sen in SenSpa

The ultimate relaxation experience that nurtures both body and soul - try traditional Thai Massage at SenSpa at Careys Manor Hotel in Brockenhurst.

SenSpa at Careys Manor, pool

SenSpa at Careys Manor and the benefits of Health Club Membership

New Year, New You in the New Forest! From Resolutions to Results with Health Club Membership at SenSpa the fabulous on-site spa at Careys Manor Hotel with its wide range of holistic treatments and therapies together with hydrotherapy pool, thermal rooms and ice room. ​​​​​​Read here.

bare feet from behind

Spring into Summer - foot health tips from Forest Foot and Health

Spring into Summer in the New Forest!

A condensed A-Z of foot health from Forest Foot and Health

Ed Note: As our feet begin to emerge from behind thick socks and winter boots it's a timely moment to take a good look at them and see if they need some tlc. Which they probably do!

Plus a potentially much appreciated Mother's Day Treat...warm wax therapy

And whilst it may not seem a particularly obvious Mother's Day gift, you could consider that she'd probably never treat herself to a foot treatment, and this warm wax therapy session sounds pretty appealing to us!  Apparently it's proving a very popular add on for patients after their Podiatry treatments.

Spring into Summer...

bare feet rear viewSpring is arriving and with that the summer arrives swiftly behind, but my feet are not ready for the summer yet! What can I do to help improve them and not feel embarrassed to put them into my summer shoes, I hear you say?

Read along for our condensed A-Z of spring/summer useful tips.

A is for Athletes Foot known medically as tinea pedis – a fungal infection which often doesn’t look very pleasant and itches like mad. To reduce this alternate your footwear to reduce fungal spore build up and also use products such as daktarin spray to eliminate fungal spores and stop reproduction.

B is for Bunions – Footwear is key for this problem it needs to be suitable for the accommodation of the deformity, so check the width of those shoes before you buy them so they do not press on the area and irritate!

C is for Corns – These can be uncomfortable and unsightly. There are also different types so book an appt with us for removal to get you ready for the summer!

H is for Hammer toes – using hammer toe cushions can reduce pain in these toes also we can apply padding and tapes to make these more comfortable, also often hammer toes form corns on the tops or the tip of the toe which we can remove and make you summer ready.

N is for Nails – Nail cutting technique is important to prevent an ingrown toenail which can be painful and lead to infection. Not wearing nail varnish for long periods of time as this can cause discoloration to the nails and make them appear unsightly.

P is for Plantar Fasciitis – Thickening of the band of tissue running from your big toe to your heel can cause all manner of pain when you first stand up, come see us for advice, exercises and even a pair of orthoses to offload and make your summer walking more bearable.

V is for Verruca – We have many different treatment options to rid you of that awful looking verruca so you do not have to hide your feet in the sand whilst you are on holiday!

Other general tips include:

  • washing feet daily, but not soaking for prolonged periods of time as this can lead to skin irritation
  • drying feet thoroughly paying extra special attention in-between toes to reduce athletes foot and soft corn build up
  • reducing hard skin regularly and gently with a pumice stone or emery board
  • applying a 10% urea based emollient regularly to keep feet hydrated and reduce the risk of cracked skin!

Whatever your feet, you're in safe hands!forest foot health logo

For all year round expert advice and treatment for your feet visit the Forest Foot & Health website

forest foot health logo

Jessica King

Missing having a hug in the New Forest

Missing your hugs in our weird world?

Thinking of all those who would love a hug, in the New Forest and everywhere

In these strange times I'm sure many of us are missing our hugs, especially people living alone, in fact those of us lucky enough to have partners and families living with us are very fortunate that we can still get a hug when we need one. In fact I did it myself this morning. It's my dear late mother's birthday, she died two years ago after living for 14 years with Alzheimer's, suddenly and for the first time since her death a big bawl came upon me - and still sobbing I just needed my husband's hug. How pertinent.

Not hugging is not great for mental health either.

Read on below but just in case you don't already receive our Weekly What's On e-newsletter do sign up to receive it on Friday mornings! 


This article was written by my niece Jessica King who is a 2011 Cambridge history graduate and a published author of a number of articles about the intricacies of finance. (See her LinkedIn profile here.)

Jessica King journalist and writer"When was the last time you hugged someone?

"Who is missing hugging? When was the last time you hugged someone - even if wearing PPE or a face mask?

While we all appreciate the necessity of maintaining our personal space and not inflicting our personal hygeine and our bacterial/viral footprint on our friends and family, and we all have to do our part while we ride out the pandemic….. a lack of social contact can also be detrimental to mental and physical health, studies have shown.

Today in Psychology Corner, we will touch briefly on the science, then move onto ways we can get that vital human contact while not breaking the rules.

Hugging can even lengthen your lifespan! 

An oft-cited 2010 meta-analysis, by Juliannne Hold-Lunstad at Brigham Young University in Utah*, found that a lack of social interactions was as significant a cause of death as lipid count, lung disease or cholesterol.

“We also found that social isolation had a similar influence on likelihood of mortality compared with other measures of social relationships. This evidence qualifies the notion of a threshold effect (lack of social relationships is the only detrimental condition); rather, the association appears robust across a variety of types of measures of social relationships.

This meta-analysis also provides evidence to support the directional influence of social relationships on mortality,” i.e. the level of social and community support received by someone who is already ill but not, in the majority of studies, sufficient to require hospitalisation — 60% involved a community cohort giving outpatient support.

Social support was also demonstrated to have tangible effects mediating depression and stress, which can impair the immune response and lead to other physical health conditions.

A number of studies indicate that social support is linked to better immune functioning, I can give you the references if you're interested.

A more recent ongoing study at University College London and Royal Holloway, University of London, shows that subjects are reporting the negative effects of the withdrawal of their traditional social networks; Mariana von Mohr, one of the project’s leaders, told the New Scientist, “The deprivation of intimate touch during covid-19 is associated with worse psychological well-being, including feelings of loneliness, anxiety, less emotional tolerance for social isolation and poorer mental health in general.”

Ways to get your social fix

  • Zoom meetings. Like actual meetings, but without the commute.
  • Facebook room chats. It’s like hosting a dinner party, but without the risk of having to cook something and risk food poisoning, fire or falling short of a Michelin Star.
  • Online fitness and dance classes — myself a big fan, as no one can charm a room and make you feel included like a professional fitness instructor. It’s a vital part of their skill set. And the sense of acheivement you get after sweating through a new choreography is unparalleled.

Especially when the only positive feedback I get from my actual "social network" is ‘Well done Jessica, you cleaned your room. It has passed inspection…. No you can’t have your washing back. As you left it in the laundry room, which is a communal space, we have locked it away for your own good.’

No they are lovely people really. I just miss the time I could choose who I associated with and hung out with, pre-lockdown. Now you are stuck with the people you happen to share a house with, those of us who did not carefully pre-select their housemates are slightly regretting accepting a tenancy co-habiting with a couple of grumpy 70-somethings with incontinence issues, a rehabilitated junkie who still thinks it’s the sixties, and an up-and-coming young man who’s trying to downplay his criminal assault charge.

Oh, and the old lady next door who periodically throws away my sports trainers when she gets jealous I am still limber enough to go jogging.

So, look after your social networks folks, and they will look after you. Neglecting your social network is akin to self-neglect. So don’t forget to water your friendships every now and then or they may wilt."

Hammersley Homes logoHammersley Homes and its mission to provide a safe, secure home for life - including hugs!

Put simply, there are many, many people with mental illness who right now are struggling to live a fulfilled life in a community which largely shuns them. The simple things can be challenging enough like managing their meagre money - but also to feel ostracised in their day to day lives is completely dispiriting. Plenty of these people are highly intelligent and well educated, they want like the rest of us to have a sense of  purpose and progress in their lives, but are prevented by their illness from so doing.

A home for life in a Hammersley Home would give them a settled platform to enable them to just feel better for a start.

To learn more about the Hammersley Homes mission to provide a home for life do watch the short video below and then visit There you will also see a number of ways in which you can help them to fundraise towards their goal - including increasing your collection of masks now so necessary to our daily lives, by making a donation. 



hay and hayfever

Natural Health Hub Lymington for long term relief from hayfever

Suffering from hayfever?

Natural long term relief from hayfever with The Natural Health Hub Lymington New Forest

natural health hub homeopathy hayfever- hay You will likely know the name Sue Leach, if not because in “normal life” you have had one of the wonderful therapeutic treatments at The Natural Health Hub which Sue owns, then as the author of many helpful articles on this website.

It is possible to conquer hayfever and avoid its misery! So this year, rather than merely managing your symptoms with over-the-counter medication, determine to do something about it for the long term, by making contact now with Sue.

Sue Leach owner of The Natural Health Hub specialises in helping people conquer hayfever.

But her treatments don't work in the same way as the suppression of symptoms provided by the drugs you buy over the counter. Instead her treatment, using homeopathy, offers a natural alternative to Beconase and Piriton – without side effects.

Sue offers a 20-minute consultation for £50 including homeopathic remedies, individualised for you and your symptoms.

hay fever sufferer

As Sue says:

"Hay fever can be unbelievably debilitating. I have been a homeopath for 15 years and one of the health problems I have had most success with is hay fever. I’ve seen people who are unable to go outside on high pollen days, children who have to take weeks off school through early summer, and poor sufferers whose eyes become so swollen they can barely drive. Homeopathy offers a realistic alternative to whatever you may have taken before for your hay fever, often giving relief where over-the-counter drugs have failed to hit the spot.

My objective as a homeopath is to give you longterm relief, not just pills that manage your symptoms like the traditional hay fever ‘cures’ such as Beconase, Piriton and Benadril. Homeopathic remedies are made from plants, herbs, gem stones and other natural ingredients. Allium cepa, for instance, is from the onion family and, just as onions make us cry when we chop them, allium cepa is a brilliant remedy when eyes stream with stinging tears that makes you look as if you’ve done a round with Mike Tyson.

Homeopaths tailor hayfever treatment to you individually, bearing in mind not only your symptoms but also your medical history, state of health, character and any other factors that make you more susceptible to allergies. High stress levels, for instance, can raise histamine levels. A big emotional shock, illness (such as a bout of flu) or long period of emotional strain can trigger hay fever. It is only by looking at the whole picture that we can determine what is causing your hay fever, and then give you an accurate programme of treatment."

Homeopathy works by treating you with hay fever, rather than hay fever itselfDust particles from a flower

"Homeopathy is:
1. Gentle
2. Non-toxic and non-addictive
3. Safe for all ages
4. Without side-effects such as drowsiness
5. A longterm solution

How homeopathy works

• By raising your body’s own in-built ability to heal itself, so you become less susceptible to your usual triggers, such as grass, pollen and mould.
• By ‘desensitising’ you to particular allergens. Homeopaths can give a dose of the particular culprit(s) for your sneezing and sniffles which (in a similar way to vaccination) raises your immunity to them.
• By getting to the heart of why you suffer from hayfever as well as dealing with your symptoms. This may be an inherited tendency, or stress related, or may have started after a jolt to the system like an illness or vaccination. Sometimes by tracing back to when the hayfever began or addressing underlying causes (which may be inherited or worsened by emotional issues) a homeopath can stop you suffering ever again.

At your first appointment I will work out a programme of treatment tailored specifically to your symptoms. I will supply you with tablets to prepare your body pre-season so you’re more pollen resistant, and tablets to take to ease your symptoms once the pollen count rises. After that it will be simply a matter of tweaking the programme if required at a second appointment, or sending you more supplies.

The beauty of homeopathic treatment is that is individualised. I particularly like helping children with hayfever as they respond especially well to remedies – treatment early on in life could mean no sitting exams with a head full of mucus and no slogging through work meetings in adult life!"

Woman in grassSmall minTestimonials to Sue's homeopathy treatments for hayfever

"Ever since you treated our son [three years ago] he has been symptom free!" WP

"We’re well into the season now… our hay fever has been much better. I am able to walk through fields of grass seeds… not even an itchy eye!" PM

"My 14-year-old son has suffered from severe hayfever since he was four years old. During peak pollen counts we had to close all the windows, I could not dry his clothing or bedding outside and he would often have days off school because he would get so bad, despite help from the GP. I cannot recommend Sue enough; my son’s symptoms have improved so much since the desensitising and the remedies he can venture outside even during the highest pollen counts. He does still have the antihistamines from the GP but no longer has the eye drops or nose spray, and he is virtually symptom free." JA

"I have suffered from hayfever for all my adult life, sometimes to the point that I used to feel ill. Sue and her homeopathy have been brilliant and I am coping with it through homeopathic remedies and not the antihistamines that I used to take… a terrific benefit." AB

"Just a note to let you know we are getting on really well with the hayfever remedies. The symptoms are much reduced – normally by now I would be sneezing a lot, and feeling sick afterwards, but none of that has happened." MJ

Clinical proof of homeopathy for hayfever - Sue continues

"Hayfever is one of homeopathy’s best-researched areas. A study published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet in 1986, by Dr David Reilly, a professor at the University of Glasgow, showed that homeopathically prepared doses of 12 common flowers were very effective in reducing hayfever symptoms when compared with patients given a placebo. Patients who took the placebo had six times more symptoms than those given the homeopathic medicine.

In a randomised, clinically controlled study published in the British Medical Journal in 2000 patients at four GP practices were given doses of the pollen to which they were allergic or a placebo. Those taking the homeopathic pollen had significantly better airflow through their noses.

Seven studies comparing the effectiveness of the hayfever remedy galphimia with a placebo consistently found the homeopathic medicine to be effective. And when researchers compared a homeopathic combination with cromolyn sodium antihistamine spray (NasalCrom), the researchers found both were equally effective."

Call Sue now on 07966 489664 for an appointment to banish your hay fever!

And if you don't do that, if you suffer from hayfever you owe this at least to yourself: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let Sue remind you in good time next year!

About The Natural Health Hub

Sue says: "The Natural Health Hub is Lymington’s health and well-being centre offering an extensive selection of complementary therapies. Services include acupuncture, homeopathy, counselling, NLP life coaching, reflexology, hypnotherapy, weight loss coaching/mentoring, NIS, polarity therapy, reiki and reflexology (including facial reflexology), all-natural manicures and pedicures, plus our ever-popular monthly sound baths. We specialise in gut health, intolerances, natural pain relief, women’s hormonal issues and stress."  The Natural Health Hub shop stocks supplements, probiotics and all-natural non-toxic products.

The Hub is currently closed for appointments but is offering free next-day delivery on all products – you can browse their range here:

woman in upward dog

Online exercise in the New Forest during coronavirus lockdown

Need more daily exercise or activity during lockdown?

Live virtual and recorded exercise and other classes and activities in the New Forest

Updated 8 May 2020.

fitness equipment at Shape Up Fitness Lymington

Whilst real “live” events and activities in the New Forest are largely postponed or cancelled there is plenty of live exercise as well as social activity in which you can participate from home.

Most people had never used the word zoom other than in its old guise of buzzing about, now however Zoom is in every household and it's literally revolutionising the ways in which we can not only hold business meetings but also continue our precious yoga classes.

Now regularly "attending" our Wednesday mutli-level yoga with Ruth Bush in my living room I can report extremely positively about how quickly we have all adapted - and the yoga mat on the carpet is also a good deal more comfortable than on the hard village hall floor!

Please see below details of the online classes we know about so far. If you know of other similar events taking place or are an organiser and would like your class or event added to this list please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be updating this list regularly.

And if you don't already receive our weekly email keeping you informed and updated about what's happening locally during lockdown please do sign up for it here, it's free of charge, packed with useful information and delivered direct to your inbox. 


Live streamed yoga: exercise, calm and relaxation all combined - without even the stress of travel!

Woman in upward dog

Yoga is great for both mind and body: mindful, calming, grounding, and wonderful for strength and flexibility too...

The Natural Health Hub is offering a range of classes including both Hatha and Restorative yoga:  Hatha yoga is one of the traditional forms of yoga practice, from which other types have originated. Using a combination of asanas (poses) and controlled breathing, it is as physically demanding (or not) as you make it.

Classes start with sun salutations (surya namaskars) and finish with savasana relaxation.  Restorative yoga is one of the most deeply relaxing styles, your body is completely supported through handmade natural props scented with therapeutic grade essential oils to remove any pain or discomfort to allow ultimate parasympathetic conscious replenishing time. 

Also on offer from The Hub is a mix of yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and more which you can download and do any time over and over again.

If you'd like to get in touch with Sue who owns The Natural Health Hub she will be pleased to talk with you about the range of classes on offer "at" The Hub and with her wealth of knowledge and experience may also make other helpful suggestions for you at home during lockdown - email in the first instance to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and arrange a telephone talk.

If you prefer, details of all classes and instructors can be found via this link on the Natural Health Hub website:

Other online yoga available in the New Forest: 

Yoga in the New Forest - the wonderful Ruth Bush offers a range of free resources and also amazing live classes - these are paid classes held on Zoom, paid for by bank transfer and accessed through a portal on the website. Contact Ruth in the first instance via email for a discussion about your specific requirements: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Heart Yoga - free online beginners yoga for menopause classes, plus other self-care techniques; contact Sally at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

121 Yogatherapy - we've watched one of Stuart's cheery upbeat videos, he offers free live streaming yoga, seated yoga, yoga fundamentals, yoga 4 stiff blokes, and mindful yin yoga. Stuart Robertson This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  07739 548276 and he'll direct you to the online resources!

Maria Claridge offers a range of exercise classes, personal training and a range of yoga (kids yoga too) email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vigorous exercise and dance for when you just need to really move!

Keep up your fitness - it's good for building a strong immune system too...

Push Studios have a free live streamed 'Ballet Sculpt' class on their website: and are now setting up other online classes (payable online):

Shape Up Fitness live classes online using Zoom priced at just £1.99 a class or £15 for 10 classes. This is OPEN TO EVERYONE, register online by clicking here:

New: Mels Fitness Fusion: free online exercise sessions Mondays and Fridays at 10:30am on Zoom suitable for all, more info This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; contact Melissa for details how to sign up etc <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

New for 24 April newly launched from Valeria Sesto

Virtual and Live - A free venture to help the community’s physical and mental wellbeing during lockdown 

"Many of the Lymington and New forest health, sports and fitness practitioners have got together to give their bit to the community in these challenging circumstances, where caring and solidarity come first. From reknown fitness queen Karen Davis to World Class athlete Valeria Sesto, experienced coach and IRONMAN Will Newbery, popular Pilates teacher Juliet Nichols and cheerful trainer Sneh Cook, to leading expert nutritionist Lucy Kelly and proficient in mind matters, Gill Matthews; as well as Osteopath and therapist Hannah Stevenson and Natalie Green, amongst others. Local contributors include Well- recognised Hockey coach and New Forest Hockey club chairman George Havers, who has put together a piece on ‘growing your own’ for beginners whilst Lymington Award winning restaurant owner and chef Shah contributed with some of his delicious home- made dishes done from his own kitchen. Local double Olympic Medalist Sailor Nick Rogers also gave his bit of knowledge through a video recorded with his kids where he teaches how to build a hiking bench to train at home.

Through a ‘home-made’ website built by one of them, the motivational team brings a variety of free live sessions (mostly via zoom) either physical training or webinars about relevant subjects related to health and well-being specially during this period of quarantine. These are also recorded and uploaded to watch later for those who were not able to join in at the time- although one of the key aims of the idea is to bring people together, from their homes. Members of the public have also been contributing with their very own signature recipes of healthy dishes as well as their favourite treats, which are then shared in the site, with everyone else.

This community venture, now in its sixth week, is called ‘VirtualandLIVE’ ( and it can be also found on Facebook and followed on Instagram and Twitter.         

See it, be it, write it!  Online theatre course

We couldn't resist including this from Forest Forge! What an opportunity! Starts 29 April. Details/ sign up here                             

(There is some content overlap between this feature article and our earlier "Staying Sane" article - but in that article you will find further ideas and inspiration for things you can do at home during lockdown so here's the link




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