Be kind to your spine on Spinal Awareness Week

Be kind to your spine

Spinal Awareness Week 14-21 May 2018

Finding it harder to get out of bed in the morning?  Suffering with a stiff neck when you wake?  Stuck in an office chair for most of the day?  Driving long distances?  Or just not feeling on top form?

Special offer from The Lymington Chiropractic Clinic...

spine awareness week at the Lymington Chiropractic ClinicIt’s “Spinal Awareness Week”, the perfect time to check in with your spine and to celebrate Lymington Chiropractic are offering 25% off an initial consultation with one of their friendly chiropractors:

"We listen to your symptoms, look at the whole body, not just where the pain is and devise a bespoke treatment plan to get you mobilised and feeling better. 

Think of your spine as your core, after all its holding you up!  It’s intrinsically linked to your nervous system, so if there’s something restricting the functionality of your spine, it’s like a snowball effect, the nervous system is affected which can trigger pain in other parts of our body.

Simply put, neglect your spine and your entire body can suffer.

If you haven’t heard of it, Spinal Awareness Week highlights the importance of Chiropractors transforming and improving individuals' overall healthcare, by treating the condition of the spine and nervous system with a combination of gentle chiropractic adjustments, exercise and diet advice.

Don’t go on suffering in silence, be kind to your spine, after all it’s not just how you feel, it’s how you function.

Get in touch with the Lymington Chiropractic Clinic during Spinal Awareness Week (14th – 20th May 2018) and get 25% off your initial consultation."

Simply call 01590 679560 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. quoting SAW before 21st May 2018.

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