Ear Clinic Lymington for pain free earwax removal

Convenient, fast, pain free earwax removal in Lymington

Microsuction by appointment at new central Lymington Ear Clinic

Lucky Lymington has a new first class ear clinic charging exceptionally reasonable prices and serving Lymington and the wider New Forest area.

Ear Clinic on the Ground Floor Lymington Business Centre 600Convenient ear wax removal is now available by microsuction in a very comfortable new central Lymington ear clinic.

Wax removal is no longer a standard NHS procedure. GP surgeries no longer offer this service and it's almost impossible to get a NHS appointment anywhere for wax removal - which those who suffer from excessive earwax will already know.

Private services which have been set up to date are expensive.

So even more people will try to clear blocked ears themselves using a variety of oils and self-irrigators which mainly don’t work and can even make problems worse.

Enter Ear Clinic, a charitable partnership previously available only for services personnel which is now determined to provide a sensibly priced earwax removal for everybody else too.

Microsuction at a price which will please you

Wax can be removed from both ears for £59, in a beautifully equipped purpose designed ground floor clinic in the Lymington Business Centre in Cannon Street, a few steps away from the Lymington Centre and close to the main car parks.

About Ear Clinic and earwax removal

Ear Clinic Lymington

Ear Clinic was originally established as part of a charitable partnership following an ethical low-profit service model, to treat retired and serving Civil Servants, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Forces and other members. Since the reduction in availability of NHS earwax removal treatments it was decided to make this service available to everybody.

And this modern clinic is easily accessible to all, on the ground floor of Lymington Business Centre. With an £85,000 investment featuring a fully specified high level Entermed Futurent ENT unit, it is one of the most advanced and well funded ear clinics to be found.

The latest LED integrated endoscope technology is used to view the current health of your ears. There’s a choice of two large monitors so you can view the visible problem and discuss cause and treatment, while relaxing in a fully adjustable electronic chair.

A fully adjustable powerful LED microscope, HD camera/video and foot pedals ensure hands are free to work safely and all the focus is on the ears of the patient.

A small suction tube is then placed in the ear canal and this removes the excessive wax. This is a completely pain free experience, the most you are likely to feel is a gentle tickling.

Removing wax can stimulate the ears to produce more wax, so a special atomiser is used to replace oils and moisturise and, for gentlemen, excessive hair can also be trimmed.

Afterwards you will be able to view again through the monitor and see that your ears are clear.

The best endorsement of all: Google Reviews by happy customers 

 Ear Clinic Lymington Education - ear health, see the problem and the ears free of wax afterwardsThis is an exceptional new facility as endorsed by its first happy customers in a selection of five star Google Reviews in the last few days!

“I liked that the equipment is very modern and up to date. Got very detailed view of my ear canal on a large screen. I was a bit nervous before the appointment, but everything was explained well and all the staff I spoke to were really kind and helpful. It wasn’t rushed, and I could stop and ask questions during the appointment. Will be going back.”

“I don't usually leave 5 star reviews but these guys really make you feel so comfortable from the moment you walk in, how they explain the process and the treatment itself. A real 5 star service.”

“This was my first Microsuction appointment so I was very apprehensive about my visit. I was made very welcome by the staff and was told about each stage of the treatment. I would highly recommend anyone requiring Microsuction treatment to go there as it really was, as they say, First Class Service.”

Don't tolerate discomfort and poor hearing caused by blocked ears, telephone 01590 610944 and make an appointment now!  

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Ear Clinic Lymington First Class Earwax Removal with pain free microsuction




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