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Want to live life to the full?

An invitation from Sue Leach, founder of The Natural Health Hub in Lymington

I opened The Natural Health Hub just over a year ago because I reckon life’s gone a bit bonkers! It’s too fast and full on, we work too many hours, we’re too wrapped up in our job lists, tied to our digital devices, and we’ve lost the ability to relax. So I created The Hub… a place in the centre of Lymington to come to to slow down and escape. People say they instantly relax when they step through the door, and that’s our aim.

Thumbs up Natural Health HubOne of the things that’s synonymous with our philosophy is mindfulness. This is the ability to keep calm and grounded whatever life throws at us, to think in the moment rather than constantly planning our lives away or dwelling on past events, thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness enables you to live life to the full and make the most of each minute. It sounds trite: but do you actually find time to enjoy living here in the New Forest? Do you ever stop doing and just be?

Now there’s a lot of information out there about mindfulness and many of you may have picked up mindful tips on the web or downloaded an app. That is all well and good – and don’t get me wrong, it definitely helps – but at The Hub our belief is that mindfulness is a whole lot more than having a meditative moment or going to sleep to a relaxation tape. It is a skill that has to be learnt, and continually practised, like learning a language.

Chilled woman Natural Health Hub Just as you’ll inevitably get your ‘le’ and ‘la’ muddled when you’re learning French, you won’t be perfect at mindfulness right away. Like mastering a language you may never be perfect, but practice (and one of the principles of mindfulness: don’t beat yourself up!) makes perfect – and practice carries myriad benefits.

To live mindfully you need to learn it properly, not just play at it from time to time. So at The Hub we offer a thorough, authenticated course over eight evenings. Run by Annie Davison, a trained mindfulness teacher who is a counsellor/psychologist, it teaches you what mindfulness really is, and then takes you step by step through how to do it daily.

There is a lot of misinformation about mindfulness, and bad impressions prevent people from gaining this valuable skill for life. All too often people turn to ‘mindful’ techniques when they’re overwhelmed. Annie Davison, who teaches mindfulness at local schools, shows you how to live, think and eat mindfully rather than using it as a get-you-out-of-stress card from time to time.

What are the benefits?

woman cross legged in forest Natural Health HubMindfulness is clinically proven to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Cut anxiety
  • Manage pain
  • Diminish emotional distress
  • Help with low mood and depression
  • Enable people to focus, drown out mind chatter and be more productive and efficient
  • Curb negative thinking
  • Promote better sleep
  • … and give the ability to relax – really relax!

In short, it’s the antidote to stress, physical, mental or emotional.

Who will it help?

Everyone. So multiple are the benefits of mindfulness that it is now offered on the NHS (although, with NHS funding limited, people are not being given a full course like the one The Hub offers).

If you know anyone in the following categories, please point them to this article: people struggling with an illness or chronic pain; those who wind up in the morning with coffee and wind down at night with booze; workaholics and anyone unhappy in their job; carers and those who have challenging children; those who operate at such a pace they can’t sit still, always shallow-breathe or say they don’t have time to take a holiday; people living in memories, grief or trauma; anyone who feels stuck, frustrated, unfulfilled or lacking in oomph.

It could give you the kickstart to new beginnings… a mindfulness course is one of the catalysts for my launching The Natural Health Hub!

About our mindfulness teacher

Joy exuberance Natural Health HubAnnie Davison trained to teach mindfulness in association with the University of Bangor’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice and the Mindfulness in Schools Project. Annie is also a Senior Accredited Counsellor with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and has been in practice for 18 years. 

8-week mindfulness course

Dates: 7-8.30pm Tuesday 25 September, 2, 9, 16 October, 6, 13, 20, 27 November

Cost: £240

To book: online on the Events page at www.TheNaturalHealthHub.co.uk or call us on 01590 670955

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The Natural Health Hub is a health & well-being centre tucked behind Lymington High Street. It offers an extensive selection of holistic complementary therapies and classes. Yoga is a speciality. 87b High Street, Lymington SO41 9AN. 01590 670955. www.TheNaturalHealthHub.co.uk. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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