30 Days to Healthy Living with Shape Up Fitness

30 Days to Healthy Living in the New Forest

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Coaching, support and goal-setting with Shape Up Fitness 

Have you enjoyed the excesses of BBQs, holiday cuisine and summer vino a little too much in recent months? Does your body need a health MOT? Your car needs an MOT and oil change every now and again – it’s the same for our bodies.

30 Days to Healthy Living with Shape Up FitnessShape Up Fitness are launching a brilliant new programme. Sign up for the '30 Days to Healthy Living' which will help you to balance your eating and nutritional needs - and get you into a positive mindset with regards to your health and the impact your food has on it. 30 Days is a complete programme that recharges your body and gives you a kickstart to a healthier you

"30 Days to Healthy Living is NOT a fad diet, quick fix calorie counting routine, 7 day 'drop a jean size' style diet," says Annabel Glynn, leader of the new 30 Days programme at Shape Up Fitness. "This is an opportunity to retune and, on occasions, re-educate. We’re going to really think about what we feed ourselves with, the quality of the food and how our bodies react."

30 days to Healthy Living benefitsRetune your body and mind

"It’s common thinking out there that if you are slim you are healthy – that’s not it at all. Good health comes from being considerate and kind to ourselves", says Annabel. "It's important to prioritise yourself - because you are the main person in your life and you deserve to feel good and live life to the full, with energy, confidence and drive for your family and work."

If you suffer from bloating, constipation, low energy, acid reflux, headaches, stress and anxiety, inflammation, aching muscles and joints, food allergies, skin conditions, sugar and carb cravings, thinning hair and/or nails, depression or feeling low, then your body needs your attention.

"On this programme you WILL lose weight, but it’s more about increasing your energy levels, metabolism and mental focus, whilst decreasing your sugar and carb cravings. Flush out the build-up of toxins from your body, sleep better, decrease joint pains - and your skin will glow! Your body is amazing and naturally detoxifies but every once in a while, a small boost in the right direction is what’s called for!"

30 Days to Healthy Living with Shape Up Fitness

How the programme works

The 30 Days programme kicks off with a chat with Annabel to find out about your current lifestyle, energy, nutrition and exercise, along with your individual goals - so that she can then tailor the programme to meet your needs. The programme itself runs for 30 days - but there are likely to be many positive changes that will remain in place long afterwards.

The programme focuses on all the things you can do to support your health and body with great nutrition. Eating clean and healthy food, whilst eliminating foods that don't serve any purpose, such as refined sugar, artificial sweetners, dairy products, gluten, soy, coffee and alcohol. However the focus is on all the wonderful food you CAN enjoy - such as organic food, free-range and grass fed meat, wild fish, brown rice, sweet potato, olive oil, hummus and an abundance of vegetables - all foods that have not been impacted along the chain with hormones and antibiotics. You won't go hungry!

The programme is supported with pure nutritional products and supplements to boost your health and to get you set up for success. All products are gluten free, vegan and Kosher. Annabel is on hand thoughout the 30 days to support your programme both individually and (if desired) as part of a closed and private Facebook group, ideal for sharing ideas and thoughts. 

"The beauty of the programme is that it is very simple and work friendly once you are focused and I am here to help you", says Annabel. "We have fantastic food recommendations, recipes and support tools to help get you on track, plus of course exercise that you may or may not choose to do. I am excited to see how your body responds."

"Imagine your body as a bath," explains Annabel. "We turn on the taps, but as the water pours in, the toxins build and start to clog the drain. The bath begins to over-flow and we mop it up to stop a flood, however the best solution would be turn the tap off and unclog the drain. So, we are going to do just that for 30 days. We are going to press pause – take a deep breath and clean up our act!"

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The 30 Days to Healthy Living programme starts soon. To find out more about the course, contact Annabel Glynn at Shape Up Fitness on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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