Crisis control at Christmas - how to reduce stress levels.

Crisis control at Christmas - how to reduce your stress levels.

Bring your life into balance with polarity therapy at The Natural Health Hub.

In this month's update from The Natural Health Hub, Sue Leach explains how important it is to find balance amongst the stresses of the festive season and how polarity therapy can provide clarity of mind and relaxation (with a Special Offer until 31 December!)

Special offer on polarity therapy at the Natural Health Hub this November and DecemberWhen all is said and done Christmas is just another day with tinsel on top. But for nearly everyone it has its moments… If, for you, the festive season is an emotional minefield, fraught with more than a few moments of overwhelm, anxiety or family tensions, then we at the Natural Health Hub have a Christmas present to bring you genuine peace and good cheer.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, finding it impossible to relax or sleep and feeling anxious about the future, we suggest you help yourself get back into balance through polarity therapy. A polarity therapy treatment may be just what you need to feel re-charged and relaxed, helping you to regain perspective and clarity of mind. Polarity therapy is great to address an out-of-balance nervous system, release stress from the body and balance your emotions.

This time of year can bring up all sorts of conflicting emotions and extra pressures on our already overloaded lives and it is often precisely when we think we have less time that we need more TLC! Our immunity systems come under enormous pressure as we deal with the extra workloads and changes in the climate – then we go and blow it further by eating more comfort foods which are inherently destructive to our well-being and immunity. It is exactly this time of year that a series of polarity therapy treatments come into their own.

Bring life into balance with polarity therapy

Not many people are aware of what polarity therapy is and the benefits it brings… so I’ll have a try.

Polarity therapy was developed by Dr Randolph Stone (1890-1981), an osteopath, chiropractor and naturopath who sought to integrate Eastern and Western approaches to healing therapies such as reflexology, acupressure, craniosacral balancing, yoga and Ayurveda. But polarity is more than just a collection of techniques – at its heart is a set of principles about the balance and flow of life energy that Dr Stone believed to be the underlying essence of all healing practices.

Improve your energy levels with polarity therapy at The Natural Health Hub.In essence we live in a world of polar opposites so it is only natural that this magnetic force will also affect the energy that underlies our body, mind and emotions. Polarity therapy helps to activate, balance and enhance this power to achieve the peak of our energy for emotional health, physical well-being and mental clarity.

The best way to describe it is as a physical, mental and emotional development programme, where your positive and negative energies (our ‘polar’ opposites) are activated to release pain in your body, become stress-free and achieve a balance of energy within you. When you find balance you are healthier and happier.

Through that process and by releasing pain, shifting your energies and changing your perspectives – that is where the 'magic' happens: you regain control and confidence in yourself and your life to ultimately achieve overall balance.

With our lives so full and priorities so scattered, it is difficult to find time for ourselves and ensure we are living and working well. When our energies are blocked and drained we can lose control of ourselves, the pressure builds and then emotional and physical strain can take over.

Through polarity therapy we can help you manage the noise and achieve the calm you need, allowing you to nurture yourself and be in balance and harmony – both for you and the world around you. So much of our physical pain is associated with our emotional well-being (and vice versa) – through polarity therapy our aim is to address both and give you the tools to get yourself instantly feeling better.

One-to-one polarity therapy sessions with Jane Seaman

Relax with polarity therapy at The Natural Health HubJane Seaman is a polarity therapy professional, polarity therapy teacher, business and life coach. Her one-to-one sessions cover the following four steps:

  • Clearing - by clearing elements of your past that no longer support or enhance you, your mind and body are ready to embrace a new way of living. By releasing the niggly pains in your body, or addressing longer-term physical pains/disturbances - you will be enabled you to leave the negative behind.
  • Discovering - With your mind and body free, now we can discover who you really are.
  • Realigning - Now you know who you are, it is time to align your life with that true essence.
  • Emerging - The challenge now comes in walking in the world of your power and expressing yourself as your true self. Jane will be with you every step of the way with continued mentoring support.

Special offer until 31 December 2018: Crisis Control treatment

You may want a treatment that just gets you through a specifically tough time such as the festive season or winter, without going deeper into releasing the underlying causes. Jane is offering a special edition Crisis Control polarity therapy body treatment, so you can experience what it’s all about! 

60 minutes for £45 (normal price is £55) available November and December 2018. To book simply go to https://www.thenaturalhealthhub.co.uk/therapies/polarity-therapy/ or give The Hub a call on 01590 670955.

What people say about Jane’s polarity therapy

‘I have been seeing Jane for polarity treatments for about a year… and the results are amazing! She has helped control my hot flushes, back pain and my stress levels. I have recently given up smoking and she has been helping my body cope with the loss of nicotine. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending her.’ Maria, sales administrator

Reduce stress levels with polarity treatment‘I had a polarity session so I could understand more about Jane’s work with energy flow within the body and ensuring it is flowing correctly and, crikey, it was amazing! I felt like a new person afterwards! Within five minutes of our consultation Jane had pinpointed a trait within me that I had never noticed, but it explained so much about my energy levels and why I was often feeling the way I was… She's incredible and so intuitive! I'd definitely recommend Jane to anyone looking to find balance, gain clarity and address any aches and pains within the body.’  Donna, photographer

‘Having sustained a whiplash injury I was advised to attend several physio clinics, both at my local GP plus the hospital. After several years my condition had not improved the daily pain I was living with. I decided to try another route. The polarity treatments I received from Jane were of great benefit – after suffering for years I found I had little or no pain. During the monthly treatments I found it most beneficial to talk to Jane about the accident and how it had impacted my personal life. After a series of consultations I found I was able to move more freely and regained a positive frame of mind to gain an understanding of what I was capable of doing on a daily basis. I thank Jane for her patience and understanding and highly recommend polarity therapy. It succeeded where everything else had failed.’ Clare, PA

Natural Health Hub logo‘After three polarity therapy treatments and a polarity therapy massage I find I not only have more energy and am sleeping better, I feel freer, more positive, more productive and more light-hearted. I am calmer, able to take on more and focus and keep a clear mind. It is as if I have my path in life and follow it.’ Sue, complementary therapist

The Natural Health Hub is a health and wellbeing centre, tucked behind Lymington High Street. It offers an extensive selection of holistic complementary therapies. Pop in or call to chat about the therapy that could benefit you. 87b High Street, Lymington SO41 9AN. 01590 670955. 

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