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Energetic Wisdom: all things positive stem from a positive mind!

The mind body connection - New Forest Soul Whisperer explains

energetic wisdom tony mills1 600Tony Mills calls himself a “Soul Whisperer”.

When you meet him you soon learn why and what he means.

If you often or just sometimes feel depressed...

...if you have niggling aches and pains wherever they are in your body...

... if like most of us from time to time you just have that feeling that things are not right with you, you don’t feel good about yourself and you’re somehow not dealing with things as you’d like, you don’t know why and don’t have a clue what to do about it...

... you could try talking with Tony.

You may, as we did, find that something rather miraculous happens.

Negative emotions cause imbalance in the body

Tony will first explain that negative emotions cause all sorts of imbalances in the body including pain and distress.

Then, he can listen to your body and with your willing help can work out what’s causing your own particular negative emotions. The next part of the process is that he helps you, yourself, to turn your negative energy into positive energy, which in turn transforms imbalance to balance. This is also known as energy healing, by making our own energy work in a positive way.

Which all sounds pretty amazing but we’ve actually tried it and it really does happen.

As Tony says: “Challenges will always confront us in life, but it is how we deal with them that will contribute to our health and well-being.

In the case of emotional or physical pain and discomfort, it is often because we have not taken positive action.

energetic wisdom - a positive mindPositive actions create a positive mind

Yet if we can confront our challenges fearlessly, in a proactive way, looking for solutions and putting our welfare and best interests first, then life can flow through and around us with ease and joy.”

As a former osteopath, Tony Mills realised that manipulation was not always the answer and determined that more was possible.

So he set about finding out more about holistic healing, and studied deeply and widely. 

Over a period of time he devised his own unique healing methods, incorporating metaphysical techniques and working with a process called Neuro Pathway Regeneration which clears old thought pathways in the brain.

Tony realised that he had a very special ability to ‘hear’ messages from a person’s body, and learned how to release the hurt from that body using what he would then call 'energy healing'.

As he explains, the emotions are the trigger for the physical, mental and spiritual experiences. Who we believe we are, is who we are. What we think inside our minds, is reflected outside our minds, by the life we lead.  

It’s hard to say any more here which would make any sense to somebody coming to this subject cold.

And this will of course not be for everybody, in fact will sound crazy and impossible to some. 

But I tried it and some deep things happened which were very real to me.

If you’re a little intrigued find out more for yourself.

Energetic Wisdom Soul Whisperer Tony Mills in a training group

Meet Tony Mills Soul Whisperer

Tony has helped 100s of people with a vast range of challenges: from emotional; such as losing weight or not feeling happy, to the more life-threatening challenge of debilitating illness. 

He is based here in the New Forest and you can meet with him in person for a consultation or, thanks to modern technology you can if more convenient also meet with him remotely via your laptop! 

He works one to one and also hosts group "holistic health" training events.

Book a free 30 minutes telephone call with Tony

You can book a completely free 30 minutes "clarity call" with Tony, and take it from there as appropriate.

Click here for more details or just email Tony in the first instance:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call Tony on 07445 693 111 - but if you don't get a call back within 24 hours from that number please try again or email him. 


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