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Get your act together September!

Let Lymington's Natural Health Hub help you turn your wishful thinking into reality

Reiki at The Natural Health Hub in LymingtonKids back at school, weather nippier, getting dark earlier. Welcome to September. September is like a New Year: time to take a pause – and reflect. Bet there are a few things you'd like to change in life. Now's the time to do them. Let The Hub help you get your act together in September! Autumn is such a good time to take action and sort something out that you've been burying, or not facing, or not getting round to. It's also a great time to recuperate and recalibrate. To start something new, have something to show for 2019, to make yourself healthier and happier, perhaps even ring some real changes in your life.

Get to know yourself better… boost your confidence… unravel those repeated patterns… improve your relationships

Join our women's counselling group starting on 27 September. This will be a small, supportive gathering, meeting once a week for 10 weeks. A time to explore, helped by counsellor/psychotherapist Lucy Furniss, why life just ain't as good as it might be, why you repeat the same old behaviours, why you're struggling in a relationship. An empowering, nurturing time to focus on you.

Woman achievement at The Natural Health Hub Lymington Hampshire

Lose weight by rewiring your brain so you think totally different about food, your weight
 and your body image 

Whether you want to shed a few pounds after a summer of self-indulgence or weight has been your bugbear your whole life, Shelley Edwards' weight loss coaching/mentoring gives you a roadmap to lose weight – for keeps. It's not so much about counting calories and kilos, but provides you with a blueprint to live and think differently. It's all about exploring your beliefs and mindset, identifying your patterns of behaviour and reprogramming your brain so you can have a whole new approach to life. Empowering stuff!

Get your act together with The Natural Health Hub Lymington HampshireImprove your diet… prepare your immunity for winter… get advice on the vitamins and minerals that are right for you… get your gut flora in shape

It's all too easy to fall into the trap of comfort food once the sun begins to fade come September. But stop right there! Eat right and you'll feel a whole lot more energetic and healthier. If you'd like advice on eating more healthily, using food as medicine rather than merely fuel, no one is better placed to help you than Rhi Hepple, The Hub’s naturopathic nutritionist. She can help you make adjustments to your diet, choose the best supplements for you and for this time of year, and improve your gut flora – that's the key to giving you the immunity to fight off autumn lurgies that may be coming your way soon.

Book in a health MOT… Get to the bottom of why you're not feeling well… discover if it's really gluten or milk or wheat that's giving you jip

Rhi Hepple's hair analysis test is like getting an MOT, giving you a picture of your true state of health. It could reveal something that’s out of kilter in your body, an organ not working well perhaps, or that you're depleted in a particular vitamin. Sometimes a skin problem or a digestive issue is nothing to do with allergies or intolerances, but due to something else, discovered via this hair analysis test. For some people Rhi has advised simple dietary changes or a supplement that have resolved a health problem they've been living with for years, from skin issues to an inability to lose weight to excess mucus.

Get your act together with The Natural Health HubSort out that pain! Stop putting up with backaches, headaches, sciatica, muscle sprains – let us help
 you beat pain naturally 

Several of our therapists specialise in natural drug-free pain relief. 

  • Polarity therapy – works by rebalancing your body energy
  • Acupuncture – unblocks stagnant energy flow
  • NIS – reconnects dormant neural pathways
  • AromaTouch – gives pain relief through essential oils

Get your mojo… set yourself a new goal and actually achieve it… lift yourself out of that rut… make a real change in your life… reinvent yourself!

Wouldn't you just love to be at your best more often? Fed up of all your 'stuff' getting in the way? NLP (neurolinguistic programming) enables you to unlock your full potential. It works by opening you up to new ways of thinking and getting from Point A to Point B. Limiting beliefs stop us achieving and moving forward, and by helping to remove those blockages NLP fires up new neuro pathways of helpful and empowering beliefs that ultimately lead to a better life! 

Get your act together with The Natural Health Hub in Lymington HampshireGive yourself some Mummy me time! Just an hour…

We have ways of making you step off the treadmill, whether it's from being mum to the whole world or working all hours God sends – or both! Choose your Hub R&R to escape from it all for just one hour…

  • Reiki– working through your chakras to rebalance and fine-tine your energies
  • Reflexology – a foot massage that is healing as well
  • Natural well-being facial – nurturing, harmonising, relaxing using Dr Hauschka skincare which works with the skin, not on it 
  • AromaTouch aromatherapy – a DoTerra essential oil treatment to balance, harmonise, heal, boost immunity and re-energise all the body's cells

Boost your immunity… Guard against colds, ear infecitions and flu naturally… Get help with your hormones… Clear old grief and longterm hurts…

We now have two homeopaths at The Hub, Sue Leach and Melissa Hills. Whether you want to get your immunity shipshape for winter or you’ve got a young family who are just germ factories once back to school, homeopathy is particularly effective for preventing and treating recurrent winter worries like colds, coughs, respiratory problems, chest infections and flu. It can help guard against having to take antibiotics, or be used as an alternative to antibiotics – with studies proving it’s more effective for treating ear infections, for example.

We also sepcialise in treating women’s hormonal issues, from PMS to cystitis to thrush to menopause.

Something that’s a particular honour to help people with is when they have never recovered from a loss, disappointment or hurt. We listen! We make the time to listen. Homeopathy is great for gently lifting you from old emotional stuff that’s wearing you down and holding you back.

We’d love to help you if it feels like a body blow that your child is off to university or has just started nursery. 

Natural Health Hub logoWhat can we do to help you with a September resolution?

The Natural Health Hub offers a wide range of therapies, classes and talks with the common goal of providing and promoting natural health.

Find The Natural Health Hub tucked behind Lymington High Street, along the passageway behind Halifax and Dogs Trust, in the white building on the right in the courtyard at the far end. Please be considerate of neighbours as you enter and leave the building.

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