2020: a year of productivity and purpose

2020: a year of productivity and purpose

Sue Leach from The Natural Health Hub in Lymington on setting and achieving your 2020 goals

2020 loading"Happy New Year, everyone. 2020 is set to be significant year. Not only is it the start of a new decade and a leap year, in symbolic terms it is augured to be a year of great purpose and potential. 

In Chinese culture it is the year of the rat, the first of all the zodiac animals, associated with yang, the symbol of outward energy and positivity. In numerology 2020 symbolises focus, pragmatism and conscientiousness – the belief is that it is going to be a great year for laying foundations for the future, teamwork and relationships, and conscientiously achieving your goals.

So what are your goals? Have you made New Year resolutions that have that focus, pragmatism and conscientiousness – so you’re really going to achieve them! We’re here to help…

woman breathing in fresh airMake a fresh start

If your 2019 was not all it could have been and you’re longing to make a fresh start in this fresh decade, Shelley Edward’s half-day Relaxation, Rejuvenation and Resilience workshop will give you the space to rejuvenate and empower yourself. This is the perfect workshop for anyone who is so busy there’s little precious ‘me’ time, or anyone who would like this to be the year when they get on top of a particular area of their life that’s dragging them down or overwhelming them.

Shelley is a qualified NLP life coach and yoga teacher, so brings the perfect combination to this workshop of giving you tools and techniques to ride stress, plus breathing exercises to help you relax and enjoy life better. How beneficial would some relaxation tools and empowerment be to you… and how would that affect your life, family and colleagues? (Saturday 25 January, 1-4pm. £50)

Natural Health Hub New Moon meditation Set your 2020 intentions

Join our yoga teacher and holistic massage therapist Lexi Dranidi for a New Moon Ceremony to welcome in the first new moon of 2020. This is a beautiful ritualistic space to set your intentions for the year. The new moon represents new beginnings, and this gathering provides you with the opportunity to reset, visualise new goals and desires, and manifest these intentions. Whatever your future plans, this is the time to set them in motion. (Sunday 26 January, 10am-1pm. £40)

Tackle health targets

It’s all very well making New Year resolutions, but did you know that only 8 per cent of people actually succeed in their goals. Reasons? Unrealistic targets, not enough thought put in, too many intentions… or simply forgetting! According to YouGov surveys most people’s resolutions are health-based, to look after ourselves better. And that’s where we’re here to help:

Eat better:

If you’re resolved to eat more healthily our naturopathic nutritionist will advise you on foods to eat, supplements to take and lifestyle tweaks you could make to give your body all the nutrients it needs. Learn how to use food as medicine.

Weight loss help at the Natural Health HubLose weight:

Our NLP life coach has a special weight loss coaching/mentoring service that ensures you actually have a detailed roadmap to shedding those kilos, rather than a vague aim to get to a new target weight. She can help rewire your brain so you think totally differently about weight, body image and food.

Sleep better:

Hypnosis uses the power of your subconscious mind and imagination to make it easy to make the changes you want in life. While you are in an altered state of consciousness the hypnotherapist offers your unconscious mind positive suggestions to enable you to break the spiral of not sleeping well, then not being able to sleep because you’re worrying about not sleeping that well.

Learn yoga:

The Natural Health Hub specialises in yoga, and we’ve got two new contrasting classes starting this January.

Woman in upward dog Ashtanga yoga is a challenging set sequence of postures that is heady and challenging. Once you’re familiar with the poses the experience is totally immersive: you simply go with the flow of the sequence and relax into a lovely de-stress moving meditation.

Restorative yoga is just that: its slow, gentle, mindful pace allows the body to deeply relax, recuperate and heal itself. Just what you need to escape the chaos of daily life, undoing the stresses we all have, this class culminates in a cosy and nurturing yoga nidra which take you into a deep yogic ‘sleep’.

For full details of all our complementary therapies head to www.thenaturalhealthhub.co.uk/therapies/

Visit The Natural Health Hub in 2020!

The Natural Health Hub is Lymington’s health and well-being centre offering an extensive selection of complementary therapies. Services include acupuncture, homeopathy, counselling, NLP life coaching, reflexology, hypnotherapy, weight loss coaching/mentoring, NIS, polarity therapy and reflexology, plus our ever-popular monthly sound baths. The Hub specialises in gut health, intolerances, natural pain relief, women’s hormonal issues and stress. The shop stocks supplements, probiotics and all-natural non-toxic products. Book online at www.TheNaturalHealthHub.co.uk or call on 01590 670955.

The Hub is tucked behind the high street in Lymington, down the passageway between Halifax and Dogs Trust.

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