Sort your hay fever NOW! Tips from The Natural Health Hub.

Sort your hay fever NOW!

The Natural Health Hub's Sue Leach explains how you can reduce or remove your hayfever by treating it now, in the winter. 

Hayfever sneezing girl 600x400 minThe Natural Health Hub’s owner Sue Leach specialises in the treatment of hayfever.

"If you get homeopathic treatment now, instead of waiting for the season to start, not only can it help you suffer less – it could get rid of your symptoms altogether," says Sue.

The catkins are out, bulbs are blooming and the trees’ buds are bursting into life… which means some people are already getting first hints of hayfever. Despite the cold snap we’ve been having, anyone whose weak spot is tree pollen is beginning to succumb to those telltale signs of itchy eyes, runny nose, head-blowing sneezing and the irresistible urge to keep scratching the top of the mouth.

"Yes, hay fever can be unbelievably debilitating. I have been a homeopath for 15 years and one of the health problems I have had most success with is hay fever," shares Sue. "I’ve seen people who are unable to go outside on high pollen days, children who have to take weeks off school through early summer, and poor sufferers whose eyes become so swollen they can barely drive. Homeopathy offers a realistic alternative to whatever you may have taken before for your hay fever, often giving relief where over-the-counter drugs have failed to hit the spot." 

hay fever small min"My objective as a homeopath is to give you longterm relief, not just pills that manage your symptoms like the traditional hay fever ‘cures’ such as Beconase, Piriton and Benadril. Homeopathic remedies are made from plants, herbs, gem stones and other natural ingredients. Allium cepa, for instance, is from the onion family and, just as onions make us cry when we chop them, allium cepa is a brilliant remedy when eyes stream with stinging tears that makes you look as if you’ve done a round with Mike Tyson.

"Homeopaths tailor hayfever treatment to you individually, bearing in mind not only your symptoms but also your medical history, state of health, character and any other factors that make you more susceptible to allergies. High stress levels, for instance, can raise histamine levels. A big emotional shock, illness (such as a bout of flu) or long period of emotional strain can trigger hay fever. It is only by looking at the whole picture that we can determine what is causing your hay fever, and then give you an accurate programme of treatment." 

Homeopathy works by treating you with hay fever, rather than hay fever itself.

Homeopathy is:

1. Gentle
2. Non-toxic and non-addictive
3. Safe for all ages
4. Without side-effects such as drowsiness
5. A longterm solution

Dust particles from a flower 600x400How homeopathy works

  • By raising your body’s own in-built ability to heal itself, so you become less susceptible to your usual triggers, such as grass, pollen and mould.
  • By ‘desensitising’ you to particular allergens. Homeopaths can give a dose of the particular culprit(s) for your sneezing and sniffles which (in a similar way to vaccination) raises your immunity to them.
  • By getting to the heart of why you suffer from hayfever as well as dealing with your symptoms. This may be an inherited tendency, or stress related, or may have started after a jolt to the system like an illness or vaccination. Sometimes by tracing back to when the hayfever began or addressing underlying causes (which may be inherited or worsened by emotional issues) a homeopath can stop you suffering ever again.

At your first appointment (of one hour) Sue will work out a programme of treatment tailored specifically to your symptoms. Sue will supply you with tablets to prepare your body pre-season so you’re more pollen resistant and tablets to take to ease your symptoms once the pollen count rises. After that it will be simply a matter of tweaking the programme if required at a second appointment, or sending you more supplies.

The beauty of homeopathic treatment is that is individualised. Sue particularly likes helping children with hayfever as they respond especially well to remedies – treatment early on in life could mean no sitting exams with a head full of mucus and no slogging through work meetings in adult life!


‘Ever since you treated our son [three years ago] he has been symptom free!' WP

Woman in grassSmall 600x400 min‘We’re well into the season now… our hay fever has been much better. I am able to walk through fields of grass seeds… not even an itchy eye!' PM

‘My 14-year-old son has suffered from severe hayfever since he was four years old. During peak pollen counts we had to close all the windows, I could not dry his clothing or bedding outside and he would often have days off school because he would get so bad, despite help from the GP. I cannot recommend Sue enough; my son’s symptoms have improved so much since the desensitising and the remedies he can venture outside even during the highest pollen counts. He does still have the antihistamines from the GP but no longer has the eye drops or nose spray, and he is virtually symptom free.’ JA

‘I have suffered from hayfever for all my adult life, sometimes to the point that I used to feel ill. Sue and her homeopathy have been brilliant and I am coping with it through homeopathic remedies and not the antihistamines that I used to take… a terrific benefit.’ AB

‘Just a note to let you know we are getting on really well with the hayfever remedies. The symptoms are much reduced – normally by now I would be sneezing a lot, and feeling sick afterwards, but none of that has happened.’ MJ

Clinical proof

Catkins Hayfever is one of homeopathy’s best-researched areas. A study published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet in 1986, by Dr David Reilly, a professor at the University of Glasgow, showed that homeopathically prepared doses of 12 common flowers were very effective in reducing hayfever symptoms when compared with patients given a placebo. Patients who took the placebo had six times more symptoms than those given the homeopathic medicine.

In a randomised, clinically controlled study published in the British Medical Journal in 2000 patients at four GP practices were given doses of the pollen to which they were allergic or a placebo. Those taking the homeopathic pollen had significantly better airflow through their noses.

Seven studies comparing the effectiveness of the hayfever remedy galphimia with a placebo consistently found the homeopathic medicine to be effective. And when researchers compared a homeopathic combination with cromolyn sodium antihistamine spray (NasalCrom), the researchers found both were equally effective.

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