The not the toilet roll news from The Natural Health Hub, Lymington

The not the toilet roll news from The Natural Health Hub

Spreading a 'posidemic' with yoga online, consultations and therapies via e-courses and new - The Daily Dose!

by Sue Leach, owner of The Natural Health Hub in Lymington.

toilet paper 3964492 1280 600x400Our mission at The Hub is to spread a posidemic. Think positive… there are many positives to come out of this weird time. Communities helping each other, all of us valuing the small things in life, everyone slowing down, treasuring the sunshine. The Hub remains (virtually) open – we have gone online for our yoga and as many consultations as we can and some of our therapists are offering new e-courses. Plus we’re launching The Daily Dose, a subscribers’ only feed of exclusive content about all things wellness, so the team at The Natural Health Hub can keep you on an even keel in mind, body and spirit through this pause to normal life.

Free deliveries

Taking care of our health, emotionally and physically, has never been more important.

NHH optibaceverydaymax available at the natural health hub LymingtonSo for anyone wanting to boost their immunity or running low on food supplements we are offering a next-day delivery service free of charge. We have a good stock of:

  • immune-boosting supplements, including Vitamin C and our special Immune Boost Mix tincture
  • probiotics, an unsung hero through times like this, giving you a burst of healthy bacteria when stress depletes the immune system (as 70% of our immune system is governed by the bacteria in our gut)
  • essential oils and supplements to calm anxiety and help you sleep
  • non-chemical hand sanitisers and anti-bac oils to keep hands healthy while also doing the necessaries.

Check out our website, www.TheNaturalHealthHub.co.uk, for our special packages and call us on 01590 670955 to place an order.

Subscribe to The Hub 'posidemic'

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Our team are currently beavering away to launch The Daily Dose, a subscribers’ only feed of exclusive content about all things wellness. The Daily Dose will bring a daily piece of positivity from the team of expert therapists at The Natural Health Hub.

The subscription feed will offer advice, support, news and expertise to keep you on an even keel in mind, body and spirit. Featuring the real facts and figures about health and preventing sickness, the alternatives you can choose and why, self-help guidance, tips and advice, the team’s product recommendations, lots of yoga, breathing and meditation videos… and more (not least exclusive discounts for subscribers).

Here’s how to stay grounded and calm while everything else around us is going pear-shaped.

Launch date is 15 April at £9.99 per month, with an early-bird offer of £6.99 per month if you subscribe before 10 April. To subscribe head to our website, www.TheNaturalHealthHub.co.uk.

Online yoga classes

Mum and child yoga RESIZED 800x522Our yoga teacher Hannah Bimpson is offering yoga classes live from The Hub twice a week for £6: Mondays 9-10am and Wednesdays 6-7pm. Detail on our yoga page: https://www.thenaturalhealthhub.co.uk/classes/yoga/.

Our NLP life coach and yoga teacher Shelley Edwards is offering a bundle of 6 videos of classes for £48. These are a mix of yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and more which you can download and do any time over and over again.

Details on our yoga page: https://www.thenaturalhealthhub.co.uk/classes/yoga/.

StressNLP pick-me-up

Home and lost your mojo? Overwhelmed and can’t calm the jitters and get anything done? Working virtually but virtually lost the plot? We’ve all been going there from time to time… But if it’s swamped you, our NLP life coach could be your lifeline to getting your stuff together.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) exercises and tools open you up to new ways of thinking and getting from Point A to Point B. Limiting beliefs stop us achieving and moving forward, and by helping to remove those blockages NLP fires up new neuro pathways of helpful and empowering beliefs that ultimately lead to a better life! It is all about being at your best more often.

Shelley is offering a one-off consultation (any way of communicating, don’t let the thought of the technology be the hurdle you put up to her help!), enabling you to ground yourself, regain mojo, focus on the work in hand. This 121 consultation can be on any topic, and is at the special price of £50 for 45 minutes to 1 hour (reduced from the usual hourly rate of £85). Phone Shelley to chat through your options: 07505 600719 with the discount code The Hub pick-me-up.
Now could actually be a time of opportunity and sorting life out, if only we could keep calm amid the panic-demic and info-demic.

Homeopathy e-course

homeopathic remediesSue Leach, The Hub’s owner and homeopath, is offering an online homeopathy course via Zoom.

Learn how you can use homeopathic remedies at home for the family for a whole host of day-to-day ailments, avoiding Calpol and other over-the-counter painkillers.

The course (£50) will involve four sessions of an hour long, and includes a free homeopathy kit of 10 remedies. Times tailored to participants’ needs. Email Sue for further details on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Essential oils e-course

herbal oils Juanita Duffin, our AromaTouch practitioner, is offering an essential oils course all about using essential oils for family essentials, from healthcare to cleaning.

Class 1 (1 April, 7.30-8pm) will be an introduction to essential oils, what’s the difference between them and how to use them safely and effectively. Class 2 (8 April, 7.30-8pm) will cover essential oils and basic healthcare in your home for you and your family. In Class 3 (15 April, 7.30-8pm) you will learn how to switch everyday products in your home from toxic to non-toxic, including a demo of how to make cleaning products.

The course costs £36 and includes a free 5ml bottle of essential oil, information pack, 121 wellness and lifestyle overview and one year’s membership access to buy DoTerra essential oils at wholesale prices (worth £24). Drop us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested.

Find out more about the Natural Health Hub here.

The Natural Health Hub is (in normal times) Lymington’s health and well-being centre offering an extensive selection of complementary therapies. We specialise in gut health, intolerances, natural pain relief, women’s hormonal issues and stress. Services include acupuncture, homeopathy, NLP life coaching, reflexology, hypnotherapy, weight loss coaching/mentoring, NIS, polarity therapy, reiki and reflexology (including facial reflexology), all-natural manicures and pedicures, plus our ever-popular monthly sound baths. Our shop stocks supplements, probiotics and all-natural non-toxic products. Book online at www.TheNaturalHealthHub.co.uk or give us a call on 01590 670955. We are tucked behind the high street in Lymington, down the passageway between Halifax and Dogs Trust.

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