Working from home part two: posture

Working from home, on the sofa or at the dining room table?

How are your neck, shoulders, back - especially if you've been gardening too?

working from home with childFollowing our previous "working from home" article which focused mainly on routine and dressing for the occasion as well as for online video meetings, this week we bring words of wisdom about posture from our local expert. Colin Wellsted, well known local chiropractic who owns friendly helpful Lymington Chiropractic. offers some tips for keeping our bodies comfortable and strong, and thus able to support our brainpower and positive attitudes too.

Working from home part two: the work at home posture check-up

With the changes in people's lives due to the coronavirus, causing such disruption to everybody, be it: stuck at home, not going to work, looking after our immediate family, distanced from other family members, all to ensure that we get on top of this coronavirus and allow the NHS to continue its amazing care without becoming overwhelmed.

The majority of us are at working at home now, certainly those who are not essential workers.  As we work, we realise that our home desks are not helpful. In fact, the desk is disruptive, causing aches and pains you don’t normally suffer from when at work. Who thought a laptop could cause such problems!

And so, how are you finding working at home? How awkward is it to work at home trying to find a comfortable place to put your laptop? How is your “workstation”?

Are you suffering whilst working at home?

Simple things to check would be:

  • height of desk/work surface to seat height – does this cause your shoulders to hunch up?
  • Is your laptop too close to your body which again causes problems with your shoulders and neck?
  • Are you taking enough breaks and getting up and away from your laptop during your working hours at home?

Possibly the most important advice about working from home is no matter how good your desk / workstation / posture is, you have to get up and move at least every 45 minutes.

man at laptop sitting on inflatable ballIf you have ever counted your steps whilst at work, using your phone or pedometer, just note the difference in activity between working at home and at work. You would most probably get up from your desk at work to get a drink, not have someone deliver lunch to your desk whilst attending a virtual meeting, move to talk to colleagues. All this keeps you moving and is very important in maintaining physical mobility and fewer aches and pains. Something you are less likely to do at home. So at least try to replicate this movement around the workplace.

If you are not sure about the answers to those questions above concerning your “workstation”, would you like a check-up of your “work posture” to help answer those questions?

Would you like to be reassured that it’s as good as it can be?

Would you like some free advice?

Free "while you work" check up - photos don't lie!

If you send me a picture of you working at your new “desk” I should be able to advise. A picture of yourself in situ; side on and from behind (include in the picture your feet on the floor and the chair if possible). Then I am happy to provide some free advice on how you could improve your posture whilst working.

I can send some advice and ideas to try and help you reduce your aches and pains and should help your posture. It may even improve your productivity.

I am more than happy to help.

Just contact me by messenger or email and I will get back to you, also please feel free to pass this on.

Thank you in advance – I’d be delighted to help give any advice I can, to help you at home, during this difficult time."

Colin at the Lymington Chiropractic -  currently closed so email Colin in the first instance:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.           

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