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Are you ready for your Daily Dose?

The Natural Health Hub Lymington has a special new something to help us keep on an even keel

Sue LeachThe Daily Dose is a new initiative by The Natural Health Hub bringing us exclusive and positive expertise, advice and support to keep us on an even keel in mind, body and spirit during these trying times.

There is an 'early bird' special offer if you subscribe pre-launch on 15 April - sign up here

Taking members now, early bird £6.99 per month, then £9.99 per month from launch on 15 April. 

Sue Leach, owner of the wonderful Natural Health Hub, introduces The Daily Dose

"I have been a complementary therapist for nearly 15 years, and at no time before have I felt so destabilised as now.

I’m sure you are too.

We’re all being bombarded by a pandemic of panic. Even the words that we’re hearing every day – crisis, lockdown, self-isolation, deadly, dangerous – are putting us all into a permanent state of fight or flight. When we were cavemen that was the hyper-alert state that helped us fight off a wild animal coming at us, now it is simply serving to keep us constantly on edge, fearful and unrelaxed. Then we venture out of the door and everyone else is rabbit in the headlights too, masked and dodging out of our way.

All of which guarantees that your health and immune system are being severely depleted… every minute of every day, rather than a short sharp burst of adrenaline and cortisol to kill the tiger. 

Never has it been more important to look after ourselves

So, never has it been more important to look after ourselves.

Eat right, take some supplements (the must-takes right now are Vitamin C and probiotics), breathe from the belly rather than the chest, get a good night’s sleep, exercise and fresh air, remember to be grateful for the positives in your life rather than dwelling on the negatives.

These are all truisms, I know, but pretty tricky to follow at the moment, especially if you’re home alone, home schooling or ill.

We’re all allowed our wobbles, our days when the clouds loom over. So I would say this is the ideal time to reach for complementary therapies. 

Proative prevention is so much more powerful than having to cure an ailment once it's developed

The therapists at The Natural Health Hub have a huge fund of knowledge, expertise and grounded advice to offer, not dealing with your health reactively by taking drugs when you get sick but working preventively and actively on keeping your mind, body and spirit in optimum condition.

We believe we all have choices, and staying well is an active choice.

the daily dose green on white back.psd new RGB 300x300Hence The Daily Dose

So we are launching The Daily Dose to enable you to do just that.

Membership of The Daily Dose gives you access to resources from our team to keep you healthy, happy, empowered and balanced. 

Did you know, for example, that there’s an area of your hand you can gently massage when the agitation gets the better of you?

Are you aware why probiotics are so good for us and which are most appropriate to take right now?

Did you know that clinical trials reveal that homeopathy can be more effective in some cases than antibiotics?

And that meditation can be more beneficial than pain medication?

Or that the World Health Organisation recommends acupuncture for a whole number of conditions?

And why Vitamin C is coming into its own in these challenging times?

The Hub’s team are currently beavering away to create videos, blogs and practical demos that you can download every day or dip into and reuse whenever you like in the future." 

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