Tips for caring for your hair during lockdown in the New Forest

Ah, my hair! What can I do?

Don't let it become a bad hair day on top of everything else during lockdown

fringe trim

So one young man we know whose thick hair was admittedly looking quite tousled has shaved his entire head. Apparently so have many others.

That’s a bit of a drastic remedy but set us thinking about the likelihood of many weeks more lockdown before we can get a haircut by which time we will badly need one - and then an enormous pent up demand for the hairdressers!

So we asked our friendly local stylists Claire and Andrew, respectively at No11 The Salon in Lymington and Andrew David Hair in Lyndhurst, what they would advise. 

In fact we asked if they could could send over some tips for us to quote in shining (high)lights, for example:

Top tips for trimming kids hair / clipping hair generally
What to do if you run out of shampoo/conditioner?
And any other tips they could think of!

Claire came back with the following: 

Tips for colour...the all important roots: 

Use temporary colour ie coloured mousse/ spray on colour, or hair mascaras - better than trying to colour your own hair as you wash it out easily. With permanent colouring (any colour) you can ruin perfectly good hair and can take a long time to get back to where you want it.

Stagger the parting: try a zigzag

To hide roots you can stagger the parting so it’s not a straight line: aim for a zigzag as per the photo.

no11salon voucher

If you must trim, less is more...

“I do not recommend anyone cutting their own hair!  But if it just has to be done, then point cut it and only a tiny bit at a time.... less is more. 

For washing…nothing is as good as shampoo and conditioner - but if you’re desperate, shower gel and fabric conditioner can do the trick temporarily but not to be used too often. But what I would stress is none of these are alternative to going to the hairdressers!

Money saving vouchers for use within 6 weeks of re-opening...

Claire is also offering vouchers whilst No11 is closed to be used within 6 weeks of reopening, £40 for a £50 voucher and £80 for a £100 voucher. If interested contact Claire on 01590678111 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meanwhile Andrew came back with a few more ideas especially with regard to colour...

Ideally don't do it but...

“It’s a bit of a tricky one to be honest as we the “professionals” would never recommend someone cutting or colouring their hair at home.  Salons bespoke mix colour for everyone’s needs, it’s also wise to remember especially blonde clients doing your own colour at home could be potentially be fatal for the condition of your hair if you attempt this at home, and also trying to rectify once you’re back in the salon. Please support your stylist for when this is all over!

However, here are some things I would recommend:

Hair powders for temporary fix

Using hair powders: these are a great temporary fix until you’re back in the salons. Some come in spray or powder form that you can buy from salons and on the high street. Although salons may be closed you should be able to contact yours by phone and see if they can find a supplier.

andrew david hair goldwell colorMy favourite hair powder is Dualsenses Color Revive Root Retouch Powder by Goldwell. We’d always recommend these over buying box dye from the shops as this can cause so many issues, some may be harmful to you or your colour which will mean lots of corrections to make when you’re back in your hairdresser’s chair! Please support your stylists by hash tagging your selfies with #showyourroots.

Conditioners with colour deposits

Another great way of keeping hair colour “refreshed” (so hair that has faded from the sun etc, YAY SUN!!) is the Color Revive Color Giving Conditioners. These are hair conditioners by Goldwell that have colour deposits designedto refresh your hair colour.

You could try Hair Chalks, Hair Sprays for something different with the colour, my personal favourite is the KMS Style Color. It’s a temporary colour that is pillow proof and will wash out!

Vary the parting - we will all have to learn how to zig-zag!

Try wearing your hair in different partings, for example doing a Zig-Zag parting will help draw attention away from a runway strip of grey hair!

And finally use this time as a way of trying new styles, plaits, up-dos or even hats!

Just remember it’s just hair! Have fun!"

Many thanks to Claire and Andrew and Happy Easter!

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