Getting back in the healthy swing of things in the New Forest

Getting back in the swing of things in the New Forest

The Natural Health Hub Lymington proposes a Healthy Reboot, including a special offer for readers

Sue Leach

After challenging times Lymington's Natural Health Hub is now fully open with all measures in place for the New Normal. Owner Sue Leach writes in a way which will reach out to us all. There's also a special offer for readers: you'll need the code LIFT to get a FREE pot of Nutri Advanced Vitamin C Time Release (worth £17). But first read what Sue has to say!

"If you think you’ve been unaffected by Covid-19, then you’re kidding yourself. Even if you’ve not experienced this illness first hand, and have rather enjoyed a pause to your old life, it has altered you on a deep and lasting level. There isn’t a single human who has not been touched by coronavirus. It has swept a tsunami of uncertainty, anxiety and change through our lives.

thumbs up for positivityThe most common side-effects people are reporting to us, now we’ve fully reopened at The Natural Health Hub, is stuckness. Getting back in the swing of things is an enormous effort. The brain is foggy and slower. It’s a struggle to stir up the mojo, or the mojo just isn’t there. Making decisions takes longer, so you leave it a day… or week… or never get round to it. You’re seemingly unable to operate in top gear. Your resilience is paper-thin: if your devices don’t behave you hit the roof! Woe betide the delivery that goes astray!

Sound familiar? Well, you and everyone else around you…

Since 23 March we have all been in a state of low-level agitation. Even if you are not overly worried about catching the illness itself, you’ve become immune to the headlines and your work has been unaffected, around you others are fretting – and that rubs off. Life is more limited, less social and just plain strange. Even walking down the street, with the mask wearing and people avoiding coming close, is mildly stressful. And this low-level business-not-as-usual is sapping: it affects our immunity, is more likely to set off or worsen allergies, and it throws us emotionally out of kilter.

supplements for healthSpecial Offers from the Hub

So we are offering a package of food supplements that are, in our view, essentials now the weather has changed. Plus a Reboot Package to help get you mentally and physically back on track.

‘I didn’t realise just how anxious I’d become. I was in a constant state of tension that had become my normal.’

Life Reboot Package

We are offering a treatment combo that will help set you back on track to feeling and functioning more like your normal self: reflexology+NLP+Lotus homeopathic remedy.

reflexology treatmentReflexology is a foot massage – but its benefits go way deeper than mere massage! Areas of the feet relate to areas of the body, so when Ally Brown massages round your big toe, for instance, she’ll be helping clear brain fug. Reflexology is all about putting our whole system, body and mind, back into balance. Everyone who has had a treatment with Ally since we reopened has found it profound – we all need this balance right now! The reflexology reboot brings you calmness, focus, cheerfulness, hope, the ability to breathe deeper.

‘I almost cried after the reflexology – being touched and pampered after months of not being able to hug people.’

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is fantastic when you’ve lost your purpose – or you know what you’re supposed to be doing but it just isn’t happening! Our nickname for Shelley Edwards, our NLP practitioner, is Mrs Motivator. A session with her and you’ll feel positive and purposeful. She helps you set goals and keep to them, not by issuing an instruction list but by enabling you to explore what’s holding you back, the barriers you inadvertently put up to achieving more. It’s coaching you to rewire your brain so you conquer fear, providing lifelong skills to give you more resilience. NLP would be great for helping lose those lockdown extra kilos, or enabling you to face getting back to the office after furlough or galvanise yourself to apply for jobs and reshape your work life.

Lotus is a homeopathic remedy that we are prescribing for many people right now. It calms jittery anxiety, cuts mind chatter and stops us all projecting the worst. Take it as and when you need it.

In normal circumstances this therapeutic combination would cost £137.50, but in recognition of how many people badly need a post-lockdown physical and emotional lift were offering our Life Reboot Package for £110. Plus for readers were adding a free pot of Nutri Advanced Vitamin C Time Release (worth £17). Just contact us with the code LIFT to book. If you would like just one the treatments we’ll still give you the lotus free.

woman feeling healthy

Post-Lockown Reboot Package

Never has it been more crucial to look after your health. But however healthily we’re eating right now the low-level stress we’re all engulfed in, plus the change in the seasons, make us more susceptible to catching any infections and viruses doing the rounds. So help guard yourself against a possible second wave of Covid-19, plus flu and the usual seasonal coughs and sniffles, with our Post-lockdown Reboot Package of Vitamin C, Vitamin D and probiotics.

Studies show that both Vitamin C and probiotics increase resistance to going down with illnesses, and that children who take probiotics take less time off school due to sickness. The NHS is advising that everyone takes Vitamin D as it has been found that those who have low levels of this vitamin tend to suffer more severe Covid symptoms. Our Post-lockdown Reboot Package is worth £40.84 but were giving it away at the special price of £35 to help everyone through the winter. 

Top tip from The Hub

Vitamin C is the number one supplement for keeping you healthy just in case there’s a second wave of the virus. Studies show that ultra-high doses of Vitamin C enabled Covid-19 sufferers to recover better, plus it also helps you fend off the disease. Take 1g hourly at first sign of symptoms and keep going – high doses of Vitamin C can loosen the bowels but when you’re fighting an infection or virus most people can tolerate a burst of 6g+ daily. Our team will all be on 1-2g daily through autumn/winter as a precaution."

The Natural Health Hub, 87b High Street, Lymington SO41 9AN. info@The 01590 670955.




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