Instant relief for painful feet thanks to New Forest podiatrist Paul Gray

Lymington’s foot saviour to the rescue!

When is a verucca not a verucca? When it's a corn, swiftly and painlessly removed by podiatrist Paul Gray whose Lymington clinic takes place on Fridays and Saturdays - and Thursdays in Barton on Sea.

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When is a verucca not a verucca?

‘Verrucas appear on your feet. They have tiny black dots under the hard skin.’

For a few months I’d thought I had a verucca on the sole of my foot, in fact one on the sole of each foot (which should perhaps have been a clue).

I had tried to ‘freeze’ them off with the stuff you can buy over the counter, to no avail.

The pain underfoot was steadily increasing.

Meanwhile as the weeks ticked by my long-planned 3 day hike in the Alps was becoming alarmingly imminent.

When it's a corn

So finally I called podiatrist Paul Gray and left a voicemail about my ‘verucca’. And he called me straight back and told me to send a photo. Which I did. 2 minutes later he messaged to tell me it was a corn and he could easily get it out for me, when would I like him to do so? So I told him I had one in the other foot too and yes please.

Two days later I was in his treatment room in Lymington - in the Chiropractic Centre in Angel Courtyard so very convenient!

And half an hour later my two ‘seed corns’ had been removed.

And I walked out literally pain free!

In fact, even while the first foot was still resting on the couch while the other was being treated, there was a kind of light feeling in it, as though something unpleasant had gone! OK that may have been in my imagination but it was still very real to me!

About corns

Since this wonderful experience of my feet being relieved so instantaneously of these painful intruders, I have done some reading up on the internet.

So first, corns are apparently VERY common – both in people who use their feet a lot eg running, and, simply, in older people – of whom there are many in Lymington and the New Forest!

And second, I am astonished at the variety of methods suggested for treating them. And some of them sound soooo long drawn out and complicated!

For me, it really was as simple as taking off my shoes and socks, climbing up on a couch so Paul could get at the soles of my feet, and relaxing. Yes relaxing. There was not a hint of discomfort yet alone pain. And by the way Paul does NOT pre-soak the feet as you might imagine and I had expected. The corn is much easier to dig out when it’s dry and firm, than when it’s softened. Which when you think about it, is logical.

So my very firm recommendation to you if you think you might have a corn (or a verucca!), is to get in touch with Paul, pronto!

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What does a podiatrist do?

Podiatrists can diagnose and treat any issues that affect your feet, ankles and lower legs — including performing surgery. You might visit a podiatrist for a short-term issue, or they might be part of your care team that supports you while you manage a chronic condition. Visit a podiatrist if you notice any symptoms that make it hard or painful to use your feet or ankles.

Telephone 07857 137732 to make an appointment with podiatrist Paul Gray


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