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Back From The Brink

OSCAR Pet Foods save Symba!

The OSCAR Dog Show takes place at  the Lymington Carnival Fet on Sunday.  As background to OSCAR and Clare Muir who's organising and running the dog show, we thought you might like to read the story of Symba and her very happy owner, who is a customer of Clare's.

Symba restored to health thanks to OSCAR healthy pet foods

“Poor Symba was in a sorry-state when we adopted him from a Samoyed rescue centre. He came complete with one toy and a stack of high fat, cheap food. At five years of age he was in great need major TLC, lots of exercise - where better than in the New Forest.

My friend, Linda, whose dog is a shining example of a healthy pet, introduced me to Clare Muir who sells OSCAR pet foods in Lymington and the New Forest area.

 “I was so impressed. Clare recommended a food that was spot-on and still is today - Pinnacle of Life for a young dog that looked old. He was grossly overweight with mobility problems and minor behavioural issues, which ultimately, after speaking to the OSCAR behaviourist, was due to diet.

“As a mother who is very aware of nutrition for my family, I considered that this should be the same for my dog and to find a like-minded pet food supplier meant that we were made for each other, especially when Symba has lost nine kilos, regained his mobility, displaying a stunning silver sheen to his coat and saved me a fortune on vet bills. I must say as a responsible pet owner cleaning up after my dog is so easy – proof of a quality pet food. For a very hairy dog he remains clean, there is little odour and toilet that is firm enough to pick up!“This new dog with renewed energy continually tried our patience, as a family, we would come home to always find him in the garden. Blaming one another for letting him out resulted in a night vigil, only to catch him escaping through the cat flap. At 29 kilos, his ideal weight, he managed to squeeze through without leaving a trace of evidence! For a dog whose life may have been cut short I am proud to have brought him back from the brink and thanks to Clare I am really happy – so is Symba.”

If you would like to try an OSCAR Dog or Cat Starter Pack for only £5.00, get in touch with Clare, using any of the following contact details:

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Office: 01590 681423 or Text : 07972021062

Web: www.oscars.co.uk

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