Be ready for hay fever this season!

Be ready for hay fever this season!

The Natural Health Hub’s Sue Leach outlines how getting homeopathic treatment for hay fever NOW before the hayfever season starts could help you suffer less – or even not at all

Hayfever sneezing girl As the weather begins to thaw and bulbs pop up their heads, thoughts naturally turn to spring sunshine and being outdoors. But for many that also comes at a cost: a few months of relentless sore-eyed, sneezy, itchy suffering whenever the pollen count is high.

The number of people suffering from hay fever has quadrupled in the past 50 years and, due to global warming and mild, early springs, the hay fever season has extended and pollen counts risen dramatically.

Treatment before the pollen strikes

Homeopathy can offer not only relief, helping ease your suffering without causing side-effects such as drowsiness. With good-quality treatment from a trained homeopathic practitioner, it could even stop your hay fever for ever.
'To be most effective,’ says Lymington homeopath Sue Leach, ‘treatment should take place NOW before the season starts – that way your body builds up resistance before the pollen strikes. I usually reckon that if I see someone early in the year, then one or two times in spring/summer the first hay fever season they will have less severe symptoms, and the second year round they may have no problems at all if we get the right remedies.’
Sue, homeopath for nearly 15 years and owner of Lymington's Natural Health Hub, has found that hay fever is one of the health issues she's had most success with treating - here's clinical proof that it works (the medical journal The Lancet has reported the effectiveness of homeopathy for hayfever).  Remedies are natural, without side effects, non-chemical/toxic and do not make you drowsy. They are particularly effective for children.

Sneezing with hayfever

How homeopathic remedies for hayfever work

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural sources and treatment for hay fever works in several ways:

  • by raising your body’s in-built energy so you are more immune to the usual triggers for your symptoms, such as grass, pollen and mould.
  • by ‘desensitising’ you to particular allergens. Homeopaths can give a dose of the particular culprit(s) for your sneezing and sniffles, be they hay, grass, pollen, trees or (in the case of asthma sufferers) house dust mite, which raises your immunity to them.
  • by getting to the heart of why you suffer from hayfever as well as dealing with your symptoms. This may be an inherited tendency to allergic responses, or the problem might be stress related, or may have started after a jolt to the system like an illness or vaccination. Sometimes by tracing back to when the hayfever began or addressing these underlying causes a homeopath can stop you suffering. 

Bespoke treatment for your type of hayfever

Homeopathy is effective because it deals not with the illness hayfever, but with your particular brand of hay fever. There are over 100 remedies that can conquer the problem, and the homeopath’s task is to find the exact remedy that fits your exact symptoms. Remedies are available in tablet form, and the most appropriate dose to take for hayfever is the 30c potency (maximum six doses daily). Some common remedies include:

  • Woman in grassAllium cepa: nose runs like a tap, often making your nostrils/upper lip red raw.
  • Arsenicum album: thin, watery drip from the nose that leaves skin sore. Nasal passages feel constantly blocked, often accompanied by sneezing that brings no relief. Makes you feel restless.
  • Arundo: hayfever that starts with the telltale signals of burning and itching in the ears and roof of the mouth, then can go on to include conjunctivitis. With sneezing and itchy nose.
  • Euphrasia: Hayfever that centres on the eyes, which stream with burning tears that leave your eyes sore, red and sensitive. Euphrasia tincture is excellent for bathing and soothing sore or swollen eyes.
  • Sabadilla: sneezing, sometimes blow-your-head-off strength! Also often with lots of discharge from the nose and eyes – for the unlucky to the extent that the eyelids are red and sore.
  • Succinum: the primary problem here is extreme itchiness. You may also get wheezy, chesty or slightly short of breath. Lots of sneezing, and the whole respiratory tract is irritated and inflamed.
  • Wyethia: the textbook hayfever remedy – try if none of the others seem to match your symptoms. For classic symptoms, most particularly with itching at the back of the nose and roof of the mouth. 
‘My 14-year-old son has suffered from severe hayfever since he was four. During peak pollen counts we had to close all the windows, I could not dry his clothing or bedding outside and he would often have days off school because he would get so bad, despite help from the GP.  Since the desensitising and homeopathic remedies his symptoms have improved so much he can venture outside even during the highest pollen counts. He does use antihistamines sometimes, but no longer has the eye drops or nose sprays, and he is virtually symptom free.’

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Learn more about homeopathic treatment for hayfever here.

Sue Leach MA LCPH RSHom, The Natural Health Hub


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