Reduce your hayfever – perhaps get rid of it for ever

Reduce your hayfever – perhaps get rid of it for ever

If this time of year is a sore-eyed, sneezy, itchy drag for you, then you’re by no means alone.


One in five Britons suffers from hayfever, compared with one in eight in the early 1980s – and, in line with asthma and eczema, hayfever is on the increase. Yet, according to the charity Allergy UK, the majority of hayfever sufferers say their current medication, prescribed by their GP, doesn’t work.


  • 62% of hayfever sufferers say their current drugs aren’t effective

  • Only 4% say their medication actually eliminates symptoms

  • 60% say their drugs only make their hayfever bearable


Homeopathy, on the other hand, is:


  • Gentle and effective

  • Natural, non-toxic and free from additives, preservatives and chemicals

  • Safe for everyone, including babies, children and pregnant women

  • Non-addictive

  • Free from side-effects (especially drowsiness!)



hayfever2Not only can a homeopath relieve your symptoms, they can stop your hayfever permanently. Boldre Homeopathic Practice is bang in the middle of the New Forest, a pollen purgatory, yet hayfever sufferers who by now would normally be streaming are reporting just a few mild symptoms this year.

When I conducted an audit of my hayfever results in 2012, 100% of patients experienced some improvement in their symptoms, with an average 75% improvement, and all reduced or stopped their over-the-counter medication.


Tips to ease your symptoms

  1. The following supplements are proven to bring relief from hayfever: Vitamin C, probiotics, essential fatty acids (fish oils, which offer multiple health benefits including reducing inflammation in hayfever), bromelain (an enzyme found in pineapples that acts as an natural antihistamine) and quercetin (a bioflavonoid and antioxidant).

  2. Eat pollen! Put it in your cereals, smoothies, or herbal teas, starting with 1/4 teaspoon a day and gradually increasing to 1-2tsp daily within a few weeks.

  3. Drink nettle tea: nettles are thought to help reduce inflammation and ease discomfort and blockages in the sinuses.

  4. Eat local honey, which contains small amounts of pollen that bees have gathered in your area. Introducing this to the diet helps accustom the body to the pollen.

  5. Air bedlinen in early mornings when pollen count is at its lowest and keep the bedroom windows closed to prevent wind blowing pollen in.

  6. Avoid going out in the early evening and at mid-morning when the pollen count is at its peak. Staying indoors with the doors and windows closed when there is a lot of pollen in the air can reduce your exposure to pollen by a factor of 10,000.

  7. When driving keep car windows closed. Ideally choose a car with air-conditioning and a pollen filter.

  8. Smear a little HayMax onto your nostrils. This natural waxy coating helps trap pollen grains so they don’t go up your nose.

  9. Use an Ioniser in the bedroom.

  10. Wear wraparound sunglasses if venturing out of doors when the pollen count is high.


Ever since you treated our son [three years ago] he has been hayfever free! - WP


We’re well into the season now… our hayfever has been MUCH BETTER. I am even able to walk through fields of grass seeds… not even an itchy eye!! - PM


I have suffered from hayfever for all my adult life, sometimes to the point that I used to feel ill. Sue and her homeopathy have been brilliant and I am coping with it through homeopathic remedies and not the antihistamines that I used to take. - AB


My son took some of the little tablets today and the hayfever went immediately… Impressive! - LC

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