The benefits of wool rugs and carpets

The benefits of wool RUGS and carpets

From health benefits to long lasting endurance, wool is the perfect choice.

Alternative Flooring available at John Cooper CarpetsBuying a carpet can be a little overwhelming. There is so much choice - colours, textures and materials. The first question we're often asked is 'which one is best?' Obviously the answer to that will vary depending on where the carpet will be used, but for most family home carpets, the answer is easy: If you are looking for carpeting that will bring elegance and sophistication to your space, yet is still easy to care for, you should consider a wool carpet.

Wool carpets have had a reputation for quality and durability for hundreds of years. A wool carpet brings so many benefits that it is hard to look past it when it comes to choosing flooring that gives that luxurious look yet can stand up to everyday life.

Wool rugs and carpets are warm and welcoming. Wool is sophisticated. Wool feels like home. Wool is quality – it looks it, and it feels it. Here are some of the many benefits of wool carpets...

Wool carpets are healthy

Wool is a natural 'smart' fibre that is hygienic and non allergenic, it has no harmful gasses and deters the growth of bacteria and dust mites and also has the ability to absorb humidity in the air to release back when the atmosphere becomes dry. It also has extra grip which helps prevents accidents. Wool is the perfect choice for asthma sufferers thanks to its natural filtering ability.

Alternative Flooring Quirky B Honeycomb available at John Cooper CarpetsWool is flame resistant

Sheep don't tend to catch fire! Wool carpets are naturally flame resistant with a slow ignition rate and have the ability to self extinguish (rather than melt) if exposed to fire due to upper pile forming, a thick insulating layer that has the ability to inhibit fire.

Wool carpets are durable

Wool provides superb performance and is able to look great and 'wear gracefully' over many years. This is due to its natural strength and crimp, meaning that pile compression, tracking marks and shading are significantly reduced. It is therefore ideal to use in busy areas which have a lot of footfall.

Wool is easy to look after

Wool is a completely natural fibre, which means it contains natural oils. These oils are resistant to soiling so all you will need to keep your carpet looking good is regular vacuuming. Whilst wool will repel some spills, some quick thinking and an absorbent cloth are recommended, as the first part of a solution to those inevitable household spills.

Wool carpets also have colour fastness that is superior to synthetic carpets, due to wool's natural ability to take in dyes. Colour will last for longer and won't deteriorate like the temporary additives that are used on synthetic fibers.

Alternative Flooring Tutti Frutti runner at John Cooper Carpets


Wool is environmentally friendly

Wool is a renewable fibre; it protects sheep during colder months and can then be shorn and used for other products, such as carpeting. Wool carpets are also biodegradable and recyclable: so after many years serving you and your family, your carpet can be turned into other products, rather than contributing to landfill. What's more, the energy that goes into producing wool is much lower than other synthetic carpet materials, keeping the carbon footprint very low.

Wool will insulate your home

The wool is energy efficient as it will act as an insulator keeping your house warm. Wool will also absorb sound and will cushion the home against echoes and noise from the family.

Wool is luxurious

There's nothing more luxurious than the comfort and warmth of a wool carpet. It is soft under foot, yet extremely durable. Due to its beautiful protective layer it can easily shrug off dirt and resist stains, and will trap dirt and dust in its layers until it is vacuumed up. When it comes to wool, you get a carpet that doesn’t only feel soft and luxurious under foot, but will also look beautiful for many years to come.

Alternative Flooring Sisal Malay chen rug at John Cooper Carpets


Without doubt, there remains a strong consumer perception of the link between quality, luxury and the feel and appearance of wool carpet whether 100% wool or wool rich. Wool's soft and natural feel to the hand and beauty underfoot cannot be achieved with any synthetic fibre. Wool's natural luster and gentle light reflection characteristics give a home or office an elegant and peaceful setting.

And actually, Wool costs less!

Although wool carpets have a slightly higher initial cost than synthetic, this is massively offset by their longevity and ease of maintenance. Wool carpets actually cost less!

The best way to understand the benefits of wool carpet is to experience it. We have wide variety of wool carpets on display at the showroom - plain colours and statement patterns. We stock the full range of Greendale Carpets as well as other top quality ranges, including the eye-catching designs of Alternative Flooring (some of which are pictured here!).

Come and see for yourself how a luxurious wool carpet can transform the look and feel of your home.



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