Enormous range of kitchens at Crestwood of Lymington New Forest

Beautiful kitchens, fabulous showroom brimming with ideas

Introduction to the full range of Crestwood Kitchens, Lymington New Forest

Suddenly in Lymington we have an enormous choice of new dream kitchens – ranging from a brand new top notch hand-made glossy magazine model to a simple mix and match with our current kitchen, and all shades in between!Crestwood of Lymington Kitchen Showroom range of kitchens

Everything for your home under one Lymington roof

Crestwood of Lymington is a unique independent interior showroom offering an exceptional range of soft furnishings, flooring, beds, lighting, furniture, paint, in fact everything for your home under one roof  and now including the widest range of  kitchens we’ve seen anywhere for a long while.

Enormous range of kitchens to suit all budgets, tastes and styles

The fabulous new range of Crestwood Kitchens now on offer will open our eyes to new kitchen designs and features and must surely include a kitchen for all budgets, tastes and styles. In fact there are no less than 21 different kitchens in the current range, from traditional shaker to ultra modern handle-less, from elegant inframe all wood designed to fit our real life odd sized nooks and crannies, to hand built made to measure kitchens colour matched to our style and decor.

Crestwood of Lymington Kitchen Showroom range of kitchens 2Incorporating all the clever new modern kitchen developments and trends, these are displayed in the Tardis of a showroom on Ampress Park (free parking right outside the door) in which you can just go along and have a browse whenever you feel like it during opening hours. And once there you can explore undisturbed in your own time or if you prefer you can be accompanied by one of the extremely friendly, helpful team who are on hand at all times to advise and answer questions.

The difference is in the detail

As Managing Director Richard says “the difference is in the detail” and indeed it is, for example Osbourne, Holne and Stover are all in principle Shaker styles but each with their small points of difference, whilst Wembury blends Shaker with modern to very satisfying effect.Crestwood of Lymington Kitchen Showroom range of kitchens - Manston  At the other end of the style spectrum Manston is ultra modern and minimalist with sleek and glossy handle less doors.

All the kitchens are handmade and hand built in Devon, come with a full fitting service by Crestwood’s own experienced kitchen builders and include a 25 year guarantee.  

With the range including a number of kitchens at prices suitable for ordinary people on a limited budget, and with responsibility for design, supply and fitting all under one roof so there's no buck to be passed, we are seriously impressed.

Speaking from our own kitchen upgrading experiences it's often possible to retain carcases and to mix and match replacement handles on existing doors with new islands and kitchen extensions.  So even if you're simply thinking about re-organising or extending an existing kitchen it's well worth taking a look at what Crestwood have to offer and having a chat with one of the knowledgeable and very helpful team.

Over the coming months the Lymington.com editorial team will be getting to know each of the kitchens in the Crestwood range and reporting our findings back to you.

Virtual showroom here and live showroom on Ampress Park Lymington

Meanwhile take a tour of the new Crestwood of Lymington Kitchen "virtual" showroom below and call in and have a browse in the live showroom when you’re passing – Alex and Andy and the rest of the team look forward to welcoming you.

 August 2019

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