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The Difference is in the Detail with Crestwood Kitchens

November Focus on Bampton Kitchen

Bampton Kitchen at Crestwood of LymingtonThe kitchen showroom at Crestwood of Lymington is really inspirational. Take a wander around the impressive selection on display, open doors and drawers and whilst there take a look at the vast range of styles, colours and configurations. 

Whether you are planning a new kitchen right now or simply looking for ideas and advice, you'll be delighted with the range of styles, colours and options available to you and on display in Lymington.

A collection of simple yet sophisticated kitchens

A deceptively simple design, Bampton has a smart but reserved and contained appearance, which avoids being overly elaborate with careful colour choices. Suitable for any space, the understated design means dark colours can easily be incorporated. 

Bampton Kitchen at Crestwood of LymingtonAlongside equally understated and complementary accessories this ensures the overall effect is dignified. Bampton offers a look that is diverse enough to sit in a range of environments, no matter the age, style or taste displayed within the home.

The difference is in the detail...

The Bampton kitchen range features a double chamfer included on both edges of the frame surrounding the door and on the outer edge of the frame. This chamfer softens the lines of the frame through its gently sloped edges. 

Bampton Kitchen at Crestwood of Lymington

Additions to the kitchen like statement lighting and metro tiles create a contemporary feel while traditional features like the Belfast sink and pastry bench are simple ways to maintain its character.

Your kitchen isn’t limited to the Crestwood colour palette (which in itself is impressive). The colour match service means any shade has the potential for creating something extraordinary. Whether your choice is bold and contrasting or subtle and timeless, all the team need is a RAL or BS code to locate it.

Bampton Kitchen at Crestwood of Lymington

Lots of storage options 

As with all the new kitchens at Crestwood there are lots of really exciting and useful storage options with the Bampton Kitchen. A pantry and/or a fabulous dresser can be incorporated in the design as can a bigger sink - adding to its versatility.

Drawer inserts to house herbs and spices are one of our particular favourites!

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British, hand built and a 25 year guarantee

Like all the new Crestwood Kitchens, Bampton is hand built in Devon and a 25 year guarantee is included.

Click here to visit the full range of kitchens on the Crestwood website

Take a virtual tour of Crestwood Kitchens here now 

It's good - but not as good as being able to literally touch and feel the smooth surfaces and quality corners, poke your head inside the cupboards, test the soft close drawers, and imagine your crockery and utensils in place too!

So get down to Crestwood to experience the kitchens themselves!

Find Crestwood of Lymington on Ampress Park. There is ample parking to the rear - as you enter Ampress, turn left down Ricado Way and take the first right down Merlin Drive, where you'll see the Crestwood entrance. 

Find contact details for Crestwood of Lymington here.


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